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Free Christian Leader Training: Lord, Send Me!

Hi, I’m Christine Hurd, and I am receiving free Christian leader training at CLI. I have lived in Hobart, Indiana, for over 30 years now. At a young age, I recall my mom walking us to a Nazarene Church. Also, I remember going to different churches with my friends. In my teen years and some of my adult life, I strayed and didn’t find my way back until 2004.

It took a year for a friend to convince me to come to her Nazarene Church. I watched a recording of their service in which the music pastor had a hole in his pants. I felt if he could be up there looking like that and not worry about being judged, then I would give it a try.  During my first few visits, I cried tears of belonging. I had this kind of goosebump feeling. Then I felt like I was surrounded by warmth as if a blanket covered me. After a while, most of my efforts to get there were unsuccessful.

Getting Serious About God

I got serious about my walk with God about a year before I was baptized in 2012. That’s when God got serious with me. I changed, and things around me changed. I have been the PreK Director of my church for the past three years. My spiritual dream is to have a deeper connection with God. One of my favorite verses is, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phillippians 4:13)

Through the Christian Leaders Institute training, I want to learn, understand, and share God’s word. I want to share my love of Christ and become a better Christian leader. My husband got a medical retirement, and I’m part-time at the church. We have children in college and public school. I wouldn’t have been able to get the professional training needed if not for receiving the free Christian Leader training and scholarship through CLI. I am so grateful for Christian Leaders Institute.

Check out ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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