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 “Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.”    -Psalm 118:5

Free Bible School for the Free in Christ

A free bible school seems to be highly needed for a world where roughly 3 billion people live in poverty. We have a burning desire to work in ministry, but we are also faced with many financial challenges that make it difficult for most to attend a seminary college. This is where Christian Leaders Institute steps in and teaches those who can not afford to receive training through a seminary by providing a free bible school for anybody who wishes to become an ordained minister, a commissioned pastor, a church planter, an evangelizer, a missionary, and more. The courses have been put together by those who have already attended a seminary college so you receive top quality ministry training. All class work is done online with reading material and videos for the lessons provided. Every bit of our free bible school is truly free!

Read the testimony of one of our students receiving her free bible school education through CLI.

Free Bible School for the Freed Sissy Frost

My name is Sissy Frost and I am FREE in every sense of the word. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana – the absolute heart of America, land of the free. I just recently got out of a relationship of almost 6 years that was abusive mentally as well as spiritually. I am free. I have cut ties with a family that were hurtful and abusive and have told me most of my life how horrible I was and laughed in my face when I said anything of importance from my heart. I am free. In December 2012, I was born again by the Holy Spirit and my eyes were opened. I am saved, I am free!

My childhood was not spectacular. Littered with memories of abuse, the death of my father, being horribly overweight and feeling as if I did not matter. I turned to cutting and became suicidal for much of my teens and twenties. God was never mentioned in my home at all. I felt totally and utterly alone and wished daily to just die. I enjoyed school because it meant being away from the pain of home, and I did well. I graduated with two full-ride scholarships to go to my local university. I attended one year there before realizing I could not take it any longer. I always identified as a lesbian and had had a girlfriend throughout much of high school. While in that first year of college, I met a woman eleven years older than me on the internet. Without ever having met her face to face, I packed my belongings in a garbage bag and ran away to be with her in Pennsylvania, leaving both scholarships and all the hurt behind me. So I thought.

While in Pennsylvania, I attempted suicide many times and spent many weeks in mental institutions. One time that sticks out in my mind now reminds me that even then – even before I accepted God, He saved me. I had gathered up every pill in the house in a bag and ran out the door. I drove to a hotel and decided to rent a room where I would take every pill. I handed the cashier my discover card but it was declined. I then passed over my Visa card, again declined. I got back in my car and drove aimlessly deciding on if I should just take the pills in the car when flashing lights behind me let me know the police had found me and were taking me back to the psychiatric ward for suicidal intentions. I called the next day to see why my cards were declined. The answer was that they should not have been. Thank you Jesus. I did not thank you then, but you knew there were greater plans for me!

After eleven years of the same thing, in and out of psychiatric wards, living the gay lifestyle, I decided I needed out. I packed up and came back to Indiana to start over again. I almost immediately met a guy who promised me the moon and stars and I moved in. The relationship was never perfect, but about 3 years in I decided to change my life. I felt “something” leading me. I had NO idea at the time it was God. I lost 100 lbs and changed my diet totally. I was a diabetic taking 4 shots a day, and through diet and exercise became totally healthy, no medications needed. That put the first big strain on the relationship since he was a big guy with no intentions of losing weight or exercising. What eventually broke everything was when that same feeling that led me to get healthy led me to a church.

I was at the end of my rope and once again suicidal when a friend asked me to go to church. I had nothing to lose, so I accepted her offer. I attended a small church and sat in the very back not speaking to anyone, but the words went straight to my heart. I came back the next Sunday, and the next. I would cry on the way to the church, I would cry during the sermon, I cried all the way home. I listened intently and agreed with everything said, but still did not know how to believe. I was trying! Then it happened.

One night after being at the gym I was driving home and – BOOM – out of nowhere everything changed. It felt as if a scrub brush entered the top of my head and scrubbed every dot of doubt from every inch of my soul. I KNEW I had been saved. I KNEW I was reborn. I KNEW God was real. All within 5 seconds! I wanted to learn everything I could. I read the Bible cover to cover in three months. I read every Christian book I could get my hands on, and watched every Christian movie. I went from not knowing what Easter was, (I just thought it was the Easter Bunny) to understanding what an amazing thing Jesus did for me.

I now want to devote my entire life to sharing this amazing news with everyone who is hurting like I was. I have nothing to hold me down now and stop me from my dreams. I AM FREE. I have distanced myself from family who hurt me, and gained an amazing church family who show me love and support like I have never known. I AM FREE. Even without money, I have found a way to learn through CLI’s free bible school and get the training needed to minister to others. I AM FREE. Thank you JESUS I AM FREE.

Free Bible School For Everybody

Do you have the desire to make changes to our broken world? Then enroll today with Christian Leaders Institute to receive online ministry training at our free bible school. Let CLI train you to be a leader in Christ! Click here to be directed to our application page. Also, check us out on facebook to learn more about our students and free bible school!

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