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Become a Minister to Lead Today’s Broken World

From men to women and unfortunately down to the smallest pair of feet belonging to children, we live in a world where brokenness could describe many. We cry out to God to take our pain, take our fears, and wipe every tear from our eyes. We put a smile on our face to hide from others the ache inside our hearts. It may fool the truth to others, but our God sees and knows of everything hidden. We can not hide a thing from God, even the truth of our pain. We are in need of a Savior, in need of Jesus Christ. He heals more than just illnesses. He can even heal a broken heart. When brokenness is healed, we in turn can bring healing with Christ to a broken world. One of the many ways to accomplish this task is to become a minister.

Though there are many schools that provide ministry training, with CLI we provide all the training needed to become a minister online and 100% free to all of our students. Christian Leaders Institute believes in equipping those called and those with a desire with free training through the inspiration of the gospel. The apostles did not pay with money for Jesus’ teachings to advance God’s Kingdom. CLI corresponds to do the same.

Here is the testimony of one students calling from God to become a minister to lead today’s broken world.

Ministry Dreams for Njaka to Become a Minister

My name is Njaka Razafimbelo, I’m 29. I come from Madagascar. I am the last among three brothers. I have left my country for study purpose and I live here in France now. I’ve known God since I was young. I grew up in a reformed church where I have attended many activities and programs. These things were very good and have led me to understand spiritual life and have provided me a solid basis to my christian walk. But at a certain point in my life, I really wanted to go further in order to know God deeper. One day, a friend of mine had recommended me to a christian radio station. Then, I began to listen to different kinds of programs. Once, a specific message had so touched my heart that I decided to give my life to Christ for real. I was 19.

Three years later, I came to France to continue my study in computer science. Things were not that easy. A period of difficult test began. Nothing has gone as I have planned. I have faced failures and disappointments in many areas of my life. As I have been educated to be a very ambitious person, that made me quite frustrated. Life was just so challenging for me. In addition of that, I did not always make the right decision to deal with the difficulties I have faced. For a long time, I was wandering in some kind of spiritual wilderness where there seemed to be no hope. At this time, I have continued to serve in church but I felt like I was out of place. I wondered if I still was on the right way and I really wanted to give up. Then I began to ask why these things had happened. I was desperate to receive an answer from God. Daily, I prayed and pleaded for His help.

Then I gradually began to understand that these events were some kind of preparation for something. In fact, these challenges have taught me to trust more in God’s plan and schedule as I train to become a minister. It has shaped many areas of my character and has made my spiritual maturity grow. I have experienced also the reality of God’s unchanging love and faithfulness. He has never left me through all this. Searching answers during tough times has given me the opportunity to go deeper in my personal devotion and bible study. God has brought me out and I realize that these years were not a loss but has revealed God’s purpose for my life.

Now, I have a different vision about life. I desire to encourage people and share with them about God’s love, faithfulness and wisdom. To tell them not to give up because God has His own way to respond to our prayer. I have particularly a heart for young people who may be facing life’s surprises and challenges. Actually, my project is to share the Gospel of Christ to the young generation. To help them know God and give them hope in their personal struggles so that they may rise up to gain their country for Christ. So many things can be done here in France. Many still do not know Christ while the country has some christian roots. Very few people attend church and the country is experiencing a notable decrease of moral values. In all this, people are seeking for some spiritual answers about life since materialism has not fulfilled the craves for peace. What I have seen here has strongly moved my heart to do something, to become a minister. In my local church, the elders are supportive of this ministry vision and the challenges that await us in this country. I thank God that I have the opportunity to be involved in the youth department of my church while I am trained to become a minister. This year, God has given me more personal time. I know that there can be other opportunities I may embrace in life as ambition to pursue, but I am convinced I have to enter this calling. I am pleased I heard about CLI.

Having an educational opportunity at CLI is so important to me for facing these challenges. The proposed type of training to become a minister is suitable for me as I can’t yet afford full time ministry training. There is also the problem of a limited choice of seminaries and bible schools here in this country. I thank CLI and its partners for giving this training opportunity as I learn to become a minister.

You might pray that God may open new doors for preaching and especially more resources for spreading the gospel here in France.

Become a Minister Through Christian Leaders Institute

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