Free Bible Classes

Free Bible Classes

My name is Katemena Amos Paul from Zambia and I am taking free Bible classes online at Christian Leaders Institute. To minister in my country is not easy as it requires a lot of financial aid. I came to know the Lord in 2008 after a man of God made a call out for everyone who wanted to have Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

My ministry dream is to see my ministry develop to be a ministry strong in the Lord and grounded in sound doctrinal teaching and the preaching of the word of God. The first of the free Bible classes at Christian Leaders Institute has strengthened me in my daily faith walk with God. It has also given me hope to develop and accomplish all my dreams to become a strong Christian leader. I identify myself as a pastor and a church planter because that is what I would like to do for the Lord.

The key experience that prompted me to pursue the ministry was the death of my father who ran a ministry. And, after his death, the church has remained unattended to. They need a pastor to lead them again.

Some of the unique challenges in my local area for me include the great distance from my home to the church and it is on the side of a hill across from a stream. My local church has supported me through prayers and encouragements on my behalf. Free Bible classes and ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute will help me achieve my dreams and bring glory to God. Since I am not financially stable to study at an institution that requires payments, CLI is a great blessing to me.

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