My name is Franziz Nadja Philip, I live in South Africa, Gauteng. I was born in Namibia, on the 18th July 1972 on a small farm called Grootfontein, to a Namibian German mother and a German father. I am privileged and honoured to share my birthday with our late President Nelson Mandela!

I have been involved with Christian Community work for over 20 years now. I studied Missiology and Biblical Theology at Living Word Community Church Bible College and did various outreaches in Africa, i.e. Zambia, Gazankulu, Lesotho, Swaziland etc. I have worked in children’s and youth ministry for over 25 years.

I married Stephen Philip in 1997, together we established a Non-Profit Organization in the uKhahlamba area. Our main focus is to provide community assistance to rescue and care for abandoned and orphaned children, who are infected and affected by the  HIV Aids. Our work has taken us into rural townships and areas where poverty is extreme. Due to our strong networking relationships, with the likes of the KwaZulu Natal Social Welfare Department, various NGO’s and churches who had aligning visions, our work was greatly sustained and well accomplished.

In 2003 we adopted our first black African child who was born in KwaZulu Natal and came to us when she was 16 days old, her name is Rebecca and she is now 11 years old. Then in 2009 we adopted our second black African child at 4mnths old, her name is Ruth and she is now 6years old. Our girls has been the best gift we have received from God, to raise these two precious souls who have brightened our lives immeasurably.

Then in 2005 we left the uKhahlamba area and headed for Johannesburg to volunteer at a well-established Children’s home as house parents of multiracial children that were between the ages of 5-18. In total together with the project in the KwaZulu Natal we have personally looked after and lived with over 25 plus children who we knew intimately and personally. This was a great honour!

2007 I began my own business within the Recruitment industry, in hopes of being able to contribute financially to those who are in poverty. My attempt actually took me further away from the call of my heart and so I released the business and recently together with a partner established a new Ministry called L.I.G.H.T Ministries SA, which is currently being registered as a Non Profit Organisation.

I have been in ministry part and full time, since the age of 18 years old. I am now currently the spiritual leader of a new small church we have planted under the auspices of L.I.G.H.T Ministries SA. My main gifting’s lie in the area of Apostolic and Prophetic. I have it in me to pioneer new works for God. I also together with our Church love praying for the sick and feeding the poor. We have seen God do many miracles…all glory goes to Him! A great passion of mine is working with the Holy Spirit to heal the broken hearted, together with the gifts of the Holy Spirit we see wonderful results to assist this process.

L.I.G.H.T Ministries has been established to provide for many on various levels, but our main passion besides feeding and healing, is training. Training folk in the Scriptures! Not only do we see the necessity of the Word being preached and taught but we see how important it is for Scripture to be caught….for others to love the Word too and teach it.

A vision we are currently looking to establish is the “Bread & Butter” feeding project. Where we would like to hand out food parcels to those that are unemployed. The idea is to provide each individual a parcel of basic necessities, including bread, milk, sugar, soap and toothpaste etc…

At a later stage we are aiming to purchase a Farm, to expand our projects on. Some of these projects include establishing a Church as the core, a Bible School, a Healing Centre, a Children’s Home, we would like to establish Feeding and Clothing Schemes, Skills Development Centres, Agricultural Projects and the establishment of small Businesses to generate income to provide self-sustainability. On the education side, a home schooling centre for ages 7years to 18years old, as well as a Baby Centre, the list goes on!

My desire is to see the darkness give way to the Light, to bring Jesus to a dying world and bring a dying world to Jesus! Amen

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