Following Jesus

Following Jesus

My name is Cheryl Hill and I am from Woodville, Texas in the USA. I live in a small town in the Bible Belt, where there is a church on every corner and many different denominations in this small town. I am a wife to a wonderful man and mother to five beautiful children and three granddaughters. I go to a small Pentecostal church in my town, and I am following Jesus in the grace that He gives me daily.

My journey into this beautiful Christian life of following Jesus started out pretty rocky. Although I grew up going to church, which over the years varied. I never really understood the love of Jesus until I was in my early twenties after my daughter was born. During the past 22 years, I fought the direction that Jesus wanted me to go in my life. I will definitely say that following Jesus in the direction He wants you to is much easier than the path I took. I finally in the last year have submitted my life to the calling of Jesus. I decided that I would be following Jesus on the path He wanted me to travel, which is working in Youth Ministry and Counseling those in need.

When I first signed up for the “Getting Started” class, I never thought that I would learn so much about myself and what direction I need to take in my life. I definitely see my walk with Christ growing stronger, and when I feel that pull when He is leading me in a direction, I know that I will be following Jesus in blind faith.

When I think about where I want to be with this degree program I am automatically drawn to the Youth Ministry. It is where I first started when I found Jesus and it was the same place that I ran from for 20+ years ago. I know that God led me here for a purpose He has yet to reveal to me. As I dive further and further into the scriptures, I am amazed at how much or rather how little I know and how much more that God has in store for us on this path of following Jesus.

When I told my pastor that I was taking this class, his first reaction was that he thought it was incredible that I was following the calling that I had been running from for years. My family although supportive is scared for me because they know the spiritual warfare that will be in store for us.

Please pray that I keep focused and I am able to withstand the battle that will be fought as I draw closer to God and am faithfully following Jesus’ lead in my life.

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