Faith Journey

Faith Journey

Hi, my name is Johannes Hermanus Goosen and I am on a faith journey with the Lord. I am from South Africa Mpumalanga, Secunda. My journey with the Lord started from the day I was born. It might sound strange but I was blessed that my whole family is Christian. So I knew the Lord from a very young age, and I saw His working in my life as I grew up.

It has not always gone great in my life, but all the challenges are bearable because the Lord is always with me. For that, I can never say thanks enough. I lost my biological father at the age of 6 when he committed suicide. That was devastating to me and my family. Our lives changed in a lot of ways. My half brother and sister were taken away from me, but fortunately, we have close relationships today. I was bullied and teased a lot by my own family members; they didn’t always realize what they did to make me sad or more reserved towards people. I was robbed a few times in my life as well as hijacked. I was called many horrible things in my life, and through all of this, I thank the Lord for being by my side on my faith journey.

There was one point in my life where I lost all hope and tried to commit suicide. But the Lord had other plans for me and saved me from my own destructive ways. That is when I understood the most important lesson of all, no matter how you feel or how bad things are the Lord will never give up on you even if you give up. This is a lesson I take everywhere with me. Some may condemn me for this, but this is a testimony of God’s grace and love to me.

I am called to serve God and that is what I want to do. I just never knew how I would do this until the Lord brought me here to learn and grow with Christian Leaders Institute. I thank all of you for this opportunity and for your support.

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