Evangelist Training Opportunity

Evangelist Training Opportunity

My name is Tiffany Richardson, and I am excited about this evangelist training opportunity with CLI. I was born and raised in a small town in the United States where going into ministry is a definite calling. My dream for ministry is to be an effective Evangelist. I desire to be a humble leader and prayer warrior for my church, denomination, and for Christians worldwide.

This class at Christian Leaders Institute strengthened me tremendously by speaking on the things that matter most to me as a Christian Leader. Transparency, prayer and devotions, and meditation are all crucial. Acknowledging the dark side of leadership and praying to not fall into temptation has helped me to focus and take everything to God in prayer. I pray that I please Him always.

There have been many events in my life that have prompted me to ministry. The first being young and “different” from my peers as I had a direct understanding that God had set me apart for His ministry. I sat on my calling for years, finding it difficult to step into my calling because I was female and young. Then illness took my freedom to do much of anything as I lay in a hospital for three years.

Free Ministry Training

I could never afford to go to Divinity School. So, the opportunity to study at CLI helps me to fulfill my calling into ministry. In my city, there are many opportunities to lead others to Christ and to achieve my ministerial goals. My local church has been gracious to keep me lifted in prayer and encourage me.

I want God to use me in every area of my life to do His will. I desire to use the calling that is on my life to reach the broken, lost, pushed aside, thrown away, lonely, alone, and those who want to use their gifts and talents for God. God has called me to His great work. I agree to His calling with a resounding YES! I am grateful for an opportunity to study to show myself approved unto God!

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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