Evangelist Minister Training

Evangelist Minister Training

I am Tonia Martin and I am receiving my evangelist minister training. I am a 39-year-old  single mom and a Licensed Practical Nurse. I live in Connecticut and have two children and one grandson, which I love very much. I am a member of IGFC (International Gospel Fellowship Church) where I am also a part of the Praise and Worship Team. I actually went on my first medical missions trip to Haiti with my church about two years ago and it was life-changing. I have also participated in the food shelter ministry.

I was born in Canada and came to the USA when I was 10 yrs old. I was brought up Catholic and was also a troubled teen. I have been a Christian for about 13 yrs. I’ve wanted to learn the Word of God better for a few years now, but because I had no time or money I kept putting it off. I have a desire to help and reach others for God’s kingdom, and it has been said that I have an evangelistic and a prophetic gift. I truly love God and everything he has done in my life. I feel that he definitely has placed a calling upon my life. I want to know God’s word better, have a closer relationship with him, find and build my calling/purpose, and learn how to be a more effective Christian and leader. My main focus is learning God’s Word better, and secondly, I want to find out what exactly my calling/purpose is and how to be more effective in that.

I believe that in this season God is preparing me, and I am very excited that I was able to find CLI! By taking the Getting Started Course it allowed me to learn more in-depth about the school and its values. I am very pleased with the things I have learned thus far and believe this is the perfect program/school for me. The bi-vocational approach is exactly what I need and this will help me be a better leader and Christian. I believe that my calling may be a little more Evangelistic in nature, which the Getting Started Course also helped me discover. I believe this is the beginning of something great in my evangelist minister training.

May God richly bless you and all who donate and help fund this program abundantly! Without all of you, this opportunity would not be possible. I consider myself blessed to have found this school. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

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