Abuse Minister

Abuse Minister

Read the story of an aspiring abuse minister who heard God’s call out of his own abuse to bring the love of Jesus to other victims:

I was born on Dec. 30, 1984, in Topeka KS, U.S.A. My relationship with Jesus Christ grew outside of the church. I experienced severe abuse trauma as a child. I remember when I had to endure a period of extreme abuse and I heard the voice of Jesus Christ one night. He told me to put all my faith in him and he would give me the strength to survive the trauma I had to experience. I put all of my trust and faith in Jesus Christ that night. After that, I felt a very spiritual presence of Jesus Christ protecting and comforting me in a way that grew my relationship and my faith in him and his ministry. I had my first desire to serve in ministry at a young age because of this experience.

As an adult, I was struggling in life to the point I honestly hated my life. Then I had my second personal experience with Jesus Christ. He put me in a position that humbled me to the point that I knew I needed to give my life to Jesus. This is when I realized that I was being called to ministry. I prayed for guidance in what area I was being called to serve. I heard the voice of Jesus for the second time in my life, and he told me I was being called to serve as an abuse minister to reach out to other victims of childhood trauma.

My ministry experience comes from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have attended Topeka First Church (Assembly of God) for almost 10 years now. I am actively involved in teaching weekly Bible study. The senior pastor Steve is the one who got me into a year-long seminary where I lived on campus, and the church funded it for me. Then I attended two years with the Urban Ministries Institute. Although I did learn a lot of valuable knowledge at both seminaries, they are not accredited. That’s why I want to attend Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), which is accredited. I enjoy knowing that the classes offered at CLI are high quality and extremely informative.

I currently focus almost all of my time towards the ministry and the education that I’ll use in ministry. My life revolves around the ministry of Jesus Christ. I have dedicated my life to Jesus and my calling. I really enjoy reading Scripture, and I like learning theology, too. I always apply what I’ve learned from studying the Scriptures to my life first, then I share it with others. I spend a lot of my personal time sharing the ministry of Christ with victims, and I see their lives change. I look forward to having the knowledge and confidence to expand this ministry after I complete the CLI training.

I am really limited with available funds. I have been seeking to attend an accredited institute, but I never had the ability to afford it. I’m so excited that I found CLI. I am extremely committed to completing the program and using it to advance my ministry full time.

I want to ask CLI to pray for my ministry to reach as many victims as we can with the gospel of Jesus. Also, pray that the Lord would open an opportunity up for my ministry to operate full time after I complete CLI.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.


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