Evangelism - Peter Gichia of Kenya

Evangelism – Peter Gichia of Kenya is a student at CLI who feels God’s call to be involved in evangelism. He shares about his close call with the law that led him to study and practice evangelism.

“My name is Peter Gichia a kenyan citizen and born again christian. I am currently working in Afghanistan with a non governmental organisation as an electrical technician under the umbrella of NATO security forces in tempolary basis.

It’s very challenging to do evangelism for Jesus here keeping in mind that this’s an islamic state with 98 percent of them being muslims. For the few months i have been here i started evangelism to my fellow workmates and also some local people.  As someone who is actively engaged in evangelism, I organise with some few people whereby we could have a house fellowship after work to access the way foward to preaching the gospel.

I met Jesus several years ago, when i was wrongly accused of stealing being an employee of certain company in kenya, was arrested and taken to court then to remand prison. Being there i prayed to GOD and vowed to him that if he would deliver me from prison and my case withdrawn i will serve him the rest of my life.GOD is faithful because one week later i was set free and the judge said  there was no enough evidence to convict me so i was released and went home. i didn’t immediately fullfil my vow as i had promised GOD because i accepted Jesus for some few months then went back to sin again. I thank GOD for he kept on reminding me that am a sinner who needed repentance, and later after several years i responded to his call and i was trully born again.”

With a strong call for Evangelism, Peter needed the right training.

“Am a leader of evangelism team in my church and i usually organise open air crusades and house to house evangelism in my home area. my main ministry dream is to reach the unreached part of my country with the gospel of Christ Jesus.

I thank GOD for what CLI is doing in my evangelism for it came at the exact time of my need,Through the training i continue getting am advancing on the word and also my daily walk with him. my team will also be a beneficially for i will share what i have learned and above all my evangelism ministry will benefit alot. Thank you CLI for what you are doing all this for free, GOD will continue to bless you and expanding you boundaries.

I together with my team would request you to pray for us as we intend to take our evangelism where there’s a strong hold of other religions other than christianity in northern part of kenya.We need GOD’s favor so as to reach those souls with the gospel of peace, We are also believing him that he will provide all the the support in terms of food and money through out our evangelism late this year. God bless you as you continue to remember us in prayer- Amen.”

Peter has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his evangelism training thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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