Free Online Seminary - Lawrence Gaytan of USA

Free Online Seminary – Lawrence Gaytan has lived a life filled with trials. He finally turned his life around and decided to educate himself for the lord through this free Online Seminary. He shares some of the specific trials he has faced in his life.

“I am living in Denver Colorado USA and I live my life everyday sharing the Word in all of my affairs in life. I have  had a relationship since a child and can remember just being in awe of how Jesus Christ did what he did in his life on this earth. I had been charged with my 6th DUI in Texas and in Texas the third is considered a felony and punishable with prison time. I came back home to Colorado on probation, violated probation and was sentenced to an in prison treatment program that brought about one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had the opportunity to go through.

A spiritual experience in his recovery program led him to seek out this free Online Seminary.

“That was the most fulfilling thing I have been through in my life and in the process of going through that program my wife divorced me and I had to live in Texas for a year afterwards doing the aftercare part of the program. It was a trying time and it continues still today but I know that the spiritual experience I went through has given me a freedom I never would have gained without have gone through what I did. I know the Lord has me in all things I do and I work to see Him in all things everything around me. I need to study at a free Online Seminary to advance my understanding of the Lord.”

Lawrence wants to launch an online ministry, this free Online Seminary can give him the tools and education he needs.

“I see me sharing my experience strength and hope with as many people possible. I know that I went through what I did to be able to be as Christ and reach out to those who really need a healthier spiritual life. I have started a website and it is the beginning and I am going to do as the Lord asks of me. My heart is so strong in being and evangelist and spread the Word everywhere, anywhere, all the time.

This is an opportunity to gain more knowledge in the Word at this free online seminary. This will equip me to handle all and any aspects of spiritual warfare as I can possibly can. To be able to be confident that I have a strong full armour of God on and am ready. Pray that I can be diligent and prepared to handle the spiritual warfare that is going to come. Pray also that my words and efforts will be strong and true to Gods will always in all things I do.

I am a man after Gods heart and I am just a man with a purpose and that is to serve the Lord. I can’t tell express how much I have always wanted to do this and tried but wasn’t as prepared as much as I thought to handle the attacks in the spiritual realm. Now I have a clear mind and purpose to know my life is meant to be a living example of what a person can do through total submission to Him”

Lawrence has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his Training at this free online seminary thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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