My name is Bob Russell; it is with sincere gratitude that I write this letter, I was born and live in the Unites States of America.

How is it to minister in my own country, sometimes very frustrating? There is without question; Christian problems throughout the world and some that I am not aware of, but I do know that our country is in terrible spiritual condition. We are under constant attack from those who are attempting to erase God from this great country. As I attempt to witness too many today, it seems they are too busy or feel no need to include God as a part of their lives.  However, I am thankful for the freedoms that we still have to worship God.

I was born again on May 24, 1998. Prior to that time, I was what you would call a convenient Christian, when it was convenient for me I would attend church. I always knew that something was missing in my life and that I needed a closer relationship with God, but lacked the knowledge to pursue that intimate relationship. Neither my parents nor any of my family members ever attended church even though my brother and I would be taken to Sunday school and dropped off.  We never experienced any teaching within the home.  As I grew older I would visit different churches always searching to fulfill the emptiness in my heart.  Then one day I met a woman who is now my wife and she was a Christian; she invited  me to church and when the minister began to preach the Word of God without compromise,  I knew I had finally  met the living God, and he was there waiting to receive me as his own.

I was saved at the end of a Sunday school class when eight men laid hands on me right there I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. A short time later I felt the need to be baptized in water; later in my walk I received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

My ministry dream is to continue pursuing knowledge which will enable me to more effectively share the gospel with sinners and also to equip me to become a better Sunday school teacher, and if in the future the Lord calls me, I desire to be prepared for a Pastoral position.  I do enjoy praying with people, and sharing with them the good news of the Gospel.

I looked at other ministry training programs that seemed to be very good, but I am limited in finances as well as time to be able to attend.  Now that I have finished the basic program with CLI, which was an outstanding program it gave me exactly what I was looking for, and for the fact that it is scholarship driven program, it was a great gift from the Lord.  I appreciate the knowledge I have gained, and plan to become a donor to this fine program.

I sincerely thank those that make this possible.

Yours in Christ

Bob Russell
Palm Harbor, Fl. U.S.A.

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