Evangelism Ministry Education

Evangelism Ministry Education

My name is David Louden and I am receiving free evangelism ministry education with Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Cape Coral, Florida. I have lived in Florida my whole life and came back home recently to be closer to my family. My wife is from Miami and is currently a social worker. I attended both community college and university and received my associate of arts degree as well as some additional schooling from the US Navy in the nuclear engineering program. After leaving the navy, I had no real interest in returning to any more college due to how expensive it is and found a job in the service industry. Recently I came across Christian Leaders Institute and I saw an opportunity that I otherwise would not have in being able to study without accumulating massive student debt.

I grew up in the church. When I was young I attended a Christian school from kindergarten through eighth grade and then continued to a Catholic high school. Throughout my years growing up, I saw and learned many things. I was able to observe teachers, staff, pastors, mentors, children, and students all coexisting in the same environment. I thought that the institutions were good, the structure made sense, and it was successful at providing certain things to people. There are regular church services, small groups, mentoring, and counseling that you can find for almost any group or walk of life. Living in the United States as a Christian is really good compared to a lot of places around the world that aren’t as free. Here you don’t have to worry about extreme persecution and can freely worship.

My dream for ministry is to free the captives, declaring liberty to slaves, heal the sick, and speak the good news of God’s kingdom to people. I’m a simple man and I wish for my ministry to be simple as well. The connection class has renewed my interest in Bible study as far as how it interacts with my various relationships. It showed how it can function for not just my individual walk, but my marriage as well and how it can ripple out to the rest of the world.

Right now, I think that I identify most with small group leader but I also have a pull toward evangelism. I love the opportunity to meet with a small group of people and get into a good conversation about deep topics. This allows for the whole group to develop and pick apart things that may be causing problems.

My pull toward ministry was always in the back of my mind until just recently where it became a major focus for me. I was fed up with the normal day in, day out pattern that I was going through. I was sick of nothing changing and I felt pretty dead like I was missing something. I came across a couple ideas that really changed how I look at things and I think the change has only just begun. I want to take this call as far as it will allow and see the depths that legitimate belief and evangelism ministry education will take me.

Connecting to the Bible has changed how I read it. Instead of going through large amounts, I take a small section or maybe even just a couple verses and read it over and over and digest it. My goal now when I read is to make it a part of me and let it change me from the inside out. My food now is believing what God has to say about me and to me through his word.

My church and family have both been a great help in getting me to where I am today. They helped provide a good foundation for me to stand on as I grew up and they continue to be a source of love and support regardless of where I am. It is great having a built-in group of people that I can bounce ideas off of.

A scholarship to CLI would be an amazing blessing to me, enabling me to study without the financial limitations that I would otherwise experience at a traditional school. It would provide me with the flexibility to study whenever I am able and to move at my own pace, which is amazing compared to most programs. The ability to access high-quality evangelism ministry education provided out of generosity is something that I didn’t know could exist until I found CLI.

Please pray that I experience the full revelation of Christ in me, that I am able to take Him to the world and allow the Holy Spirit to work through me to accomplish His will.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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