Mission Nigeria

Mission Nigeria – It is very difficult to get ministry training in Nigeria.

I am a Nigerian, leaving in Nigeria. Doing Ministry in Nigeria I will say is not really easy in the sense that people dont supporting the work of God until they see that you are making it before anybody will like to stop to see what you are doing.People go to Ministries that are made already but to support a Ministry and a Pastor that is just coming up with a vision God has given for the work is almost becoming a crime and there those who are actually are almost discourage because they dont ave the money to rent a good place of worship where people can come and sit comfortably and hear the word.The worst is that people looking for prophecy instead of the word,thereby those who have the word are suffering and that in turn has some to go as far as using diabolical to do Ministry in order to give people prophecy.

I came to know the Lord as a child at the age of seven in the days of Scripture Union(SU) in my village when there was no electricity and because there was no follow up,I did not know what to do next until in my Secondary School in a Youth programme of Deeper Life Bible Church in 1989 when I got in contact with the Lord again(restored) and with the help of a Sister(one of the youths co-ordinators) in the Lord who use to come around to teach me the word and to encouraged me, I got matured and became a Youth Co-ordinator(pastor) till when I left that ministry when the Lord was done with me.

My ministry dream is to winthe lost and raise them as gospel militant onto the Lord a people that are ready for the rapture or coming of the Lord,Heavenly minded Christians. We have a dream of establishing Nursery,Primary,Secondary and University where student will be raise in the fear of the Lord,taught good morals and release into the society,state,nations and the world to influence people,the government and society with the fear of the Lord especially in our nation where corruption is on the increase.We also have an Outreach Ministry in the dream or vision.

CLI Is Next Step

I see CLI as very important because I cant affort the fees for a Bible College and seeing an opportunity like this to be equipped, taught the word with all sincerety and have more formal education in ministry through CLI,I need to grab it.To be sincere the little I have heard so far is so reach to train young converts to maturity bacause these are the basics the need to know.

I will need your prayers for;

  1. God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding in this work.
  2. Financial support carry the visions God has given to me.
  3. Manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit in me.
  4. The release of the dimension of the anointing I have been desiring from Him.
  5. God to fulfil every promises,prophecies He has given me concerning my ministry.
  6. For God to send me destiny and ministry helpers.
  7. Opens doors in all the nations of the world.

These you can do daily and weekly.Also send these request across to other prayer groups who cares and what to see the work of the Lord prosper.

I pray that this letter shall find favour before you.


Yours In His Vineyard

Evang Stephen Silas