Christian Mentoring - Ronald Miller of USA

Christian Mentoring – Ronald Miller wants to be a part of Christian Mentoring in his Church. He starts his testimony by giving some background in his life or Christian Mentoring over seas.

“I currently live in the USA, although I make occaisional trips to check on ministries in India that our church supports. In India I am welcomed and treated well in the areas I visit, usually rural villages. In the USA we minister free from persecution but are not generally well received by our general culture.”

We do enjoy tremendous religious freedom in the USA. This does give us a different set of ministry challenges. Miller continues by framing his dream fro Christian Mentoring.

“My goal is Christian Mentoring of other men in our church, beginning with my fellow elders.  I am a seminary graduate (about 25 years ago), and see that your program is excellent.  The practical courses are something my seminary did not include, although I had extensive Greek and Hebrew studies.  I hope to gain a lot from this, and start to actively assist my Pastor with some pastoral duties in addition to being an adult Sunday school teacher and doing Christian Mentoring”

Miller has had some previous training for Christian Mentoring.

“I am currently looking at your program as a way to do Christian Mentoring of  leaders in our church (the Bible Fellowship Church, which is in the Reformed tradition). I graduated from Biblical Theological Seminary (Hatfield PA) about 25 years ago, and have also more recently studied many of the books that you use for your courses. While I have good mastery of the Bible, Theology, and Greek subjects, I admit that I am in need of the ‘practical ministry’ courses you offer. And I never mind reviewing the Bible, Theology, or my languages.”

Christian Leaders Institute offers excellent training for Christian Mentoring for free.

“The guest login has allowed me to get a good look at what appears to be an EXCELLENT program.  I am discussing this with two other Elders and our Pastor. I am suggesting that these two Elders take the course, as they have both approached me about being better equipped. Yes, Bible colleges and seminaries are simply priced out of consideration, typically at least $700 for a three credit course. Yet what I have seen of your materials is certainly above the quality and level of a Bible College.”

Christian Mentoring is crucial in the proper training of leaders.

“Perhaps it would be best if I enroll along with someone I plan to teach as part of my CHristian Mentoring  and go through the materials at the same time.  There is no one available to mentor me … perhaps one of the elders can perform this function as I mentor him. About 42 years ago I shared a table in a crowded restaurant with an older man. He invited me to church, where I met other college students who explained the Gospel and after I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior they discipled me with a weekly one-on-one Bible study and a group Bible study.”

Miller ends by asking for your support as he moves forward with Chrisian Mentoring.

“I seek to assist our young pastor with some of his duties such as visitation and administration. I teach adult Sunday school now. I have a good scholarly Bible education, including Hebrew and Greek. But never learned the practical things, like how to visit, how to counsel the grieving, how to lead others in a work group. Pray that the Lord will lead me clearly so that I might be a more effective servant and be a part of Christian Mentoring in our local church.”

Ronald has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to  thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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