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David Petersen has a strong desire to know the Bible. He starts by sharing about his life and journey to know the Bible.
“My name is David Petersen, I am married and have two sons. John is 14 and Jacob is 11. I have been married to my wife Debbie for 23 yrs. I met my wife in a church singles group and we have been married ever since.”
It takes lots of time to really know the Bible. David goes on to discuss his never ending desire to really know the Bible.
“I have followed the Lord Jesus Christ for 27 yrs. When I became a Christian, I always had a strong desire to know the Bible, what is said and meant. I could listen to Bible teaching all day and never not want to study.”

Many ups and downs in his journey to know the Bible.

“My wife and I have been in many churches. I have had many ups and downs in my walk with Jesus. No matter what church I was in, I was never able to serve with my gift. In one church I was asked to teach Sunday School to fill in for one of the pastors. I stayed up all night preparing, to ensure I would know the Bible. I taught the adults and could hardly wait to teach again.”
Despite that promising experience, David left this church too. He was like the prophet Jonah who was called to go to Ninevah but went the other way.

David stops running from God and attends church again

“The first week I sat there and just went through the motions, I was only there for my son and not for any other reason. I have to be honest I was actually thinking on a daily basis, God I see no way you will ever get me back. Running from God is like being on a tread mill. You waste time, you stay in one place and you cannot shake off the Holy Spirit, he stays within you.”

David knew running from God and not knowing the Bible was foolish.

“To run as a Christian is a very weary process. My Mom died when I was 17 yrs old. She always told me, “David I want you to be know the Bible and be a preacher.”  I used to laugh!  Before we went to Caring Place, my wife would say from time to time, you should know the Bible and be a pastor.”

Knowing the Bible and preaching it was something David reluctantly pursued.

“I had been close to God for many years, but right now at this time I was in the flesh more than the spirit. On July 1st 2012 at Caring Place,  Rev McGee asked if anyone would step up and serve and use their gifts. I will never forget the draw I felt, but being in the state I was how could he use me. I remember telling Rev McGee yes I will step up. I had to know the Bible to do this right. On July 15th 2012 I preached my trial sermon.”

David studies to know the Bible before he preached.

“I told the people these are the 7 things I want you today to know about the Bible. Before I preached, I told them that this is my resume from 1 Corinthians 1:27 God uses the foolish things of this world! I preached my message and afterward the church said yes and I became a minister in training. I was running from God and now I am a white minister in an African American church. I serve with 3 other African American Pastors. God did it, I am more amazed than anyone.”

Knowing the Bible led David to preach regularly.

“We began rotating doing different duties every Sunday. I have brought the message 2 more times since then, one on James 3 the tongue and one on loving Jesus John 21 John 14 1 Cor 16. Every Wednesday I rush from work and teach the kids from the word of God. My mission as a Pastor is John 17 vs 17. My highest goal is first the sanctification of myself. Then to know the Bible and teach the sheep I am responsible for.”

David’s need to know the Bible gave him a big responsibility.

“If the people aren’t becoming more like Jesus, I have failed. I study hard and continue to better know the Bible. I am not a paid Pastor and have a family of 4 on 1 income. You guys are a blessing and I hope you will approve me to study with you. God got me back and I feel now that all I can do and want to do is serve Jesus my master till I go to my real home.”

He ends by concluding that it is wonderful to know the Bible and preach its word.

“He is worthy, I am not. Ever since I became a minister, so many trials have come. I keep pressing forward to the higher call. Please pray for me. I can say that I had to wait on the Lord for 27yrs till I could serve him in a church with my gift. I can also say that the word of God makes one wise!  I am a high school graduate, that’s it. Be patient, Jesus will use you as minister who knows the Bible.”
David has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to learn more about the Bible thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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