Equipped For Ministry - Olagbaju's Story

Olagbaju OLushola from Nigeria enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute because he could not afford a traditional Ministry Education through a Seminary, and takes free online courses at CLI to become Equipped For Ministry! Here is his story…

Equipped For Ministry – Olagbaju’s Story

My name is Olagbaju OLushola husband, with a son. My wife and I live most of the year in a community outskirt of Lagos, Alimosho in Nigeria I live in South Africa And Ghana where I was involved in several charitable Gospel outreach.
Ministry in my country Nigeria is doing very great God is recruiting His generals on a daily bases we give all the glory for all. Lives are transformed souls are won into his kingdom though there are challenges of on field mission work to the outermost interior due to financial challenges to send and sustain volunteers.
My relationship with the Bible and God has not always been as strong as it is now. In my journey through in till this day I have always wanted to live a life to serve in every capacity I find myself. I began my childhood life in a suburb known as Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria. My life as teenager was good but not the best, though I enjoyed every bit of it, my parents were just a nominal Christians who just attend church services but not rooted in Christ Jesus at that time. As I grew up in my twenties I became weak a worried I got exposed to some things dangerous to my life physically and spiritually though I knew about Christ then but I was not born again. Although within me I had always heard a voice in-depth convicting me to stop and turn back. I have always believed in God even during the time of not being a Christian, though this was hard without the Lord and my savior Christ
In God`s story I fit in this present Church dispensation and believes that Christ lives within me, also that I have a mandate to let the Christ in me the hope of glory to shine to others Colossians 1:17b. According to His word in John 5:5 and in verse 15 “He calls us His friend and verse 16” He made it cleared we never chose him but he chose us in order to bare fruits and that our fruits should abide”. He also called us “the light of the world a city that is set on a hill that cannot be hide” and also in Romans 8:19,as the children of light we must shine like our father (God) because Christ saved us in order to save others.
I am identified with the word name during my stay in abroad but presently at home here I am currently the Youth Pastor of my local church and also the choir coordinator
. My key experience in life that prompted me to pursue ministry was back in the days when I was in the college that I firs gave my live to Christ the spirit of God convicted me to develop myself that he will use me more in the teaching ministry more but I should start with what I have at that time which was passion to help people
Some of the unique challenge in my area is fund to establish and grow local church in the interior part
They have supported in terms of counsel, advise and trainings too.
Scholarship at CLI is so important to me to it because of my passion to grow and equip myself in the ministry which has very difficult for me access due to financial constrain most time. I will appreciate if I considered for a place in the scholarship scheme of CLI
My prayer God will give immeasurable grace and fill with his spirit and power to grow in all areas of my ministerial assignment not fail and falter so I will end well this Christian race to fulfill His mandate upon my life to the fullest.


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