Hi, I’m Timothy Jonsel Ermitaño, a called servant here in the Republic of the Philippines.

I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior through the underground ministry of my Father in a Restricted Access Nation. He was working as a Civil Engineer outside of the country while ministering to our fellow countrymen in the area. The condition of my soul was confronted, one summer morning, by a family Pastor friend who asked the simple question – “What are you waiting for?” Tears started rolling down my cheek as I realized the time I had wasted.

Growing up in a Christian home, in a very Muslim country, and seeing my Dad spread the good news of Christ planted something in my heart – a desire to seek those who are lost! By the time I was 16, I came home alone to the Philippines to pursue a college education…but God had other plans. Our family struggled financially so that led me to work in a Christian organization that specializes in curriculum development. My involvement in this organization awakened the deep seeded desire in me to minster. As I became active in the organization, my Church involvement also became hectic. I was asked to handle a small youth group every Sunday afternoon. This opportunity was the start of my love affair with the Word of God. Since that time, I am amazed at the wide reach of God’s word into the life of the believer. I’ve been teaching for almost 14 years and the Word has moved me from a small youth group to a mission church in my hometown, from single to married, from blessed to overwhelmed. You can consider me a non-ordained pastor and an inspired preacher. I love my work so much that I felt in my heart that I needed to train and prepare more…after all, God uses prepared minsters!

Throughout the years, God has been blessing me and my wife with ministry opportunities and just recently, I was given the opportunity to visit a countryside location where the salvation message is needed! I think that God is now calling me out to the mission field. My dream is to fulfill this deep seeded desire of proclaiming the Gospel wherever God leads me…and right now, I think God is leading me there. I just need your prayers of encouragement and protection since the people in this new area are known to be hostile to Bible believing people and the spiritual battle is great!

I would like to thank Christian Leaders Institute for providing opportunities to broaden our spiritual know-how in pursuing ministry for God’s glory. I look forward to be more involved in the courses of CLI, especially now that diploma courses are open.

Again, thank you CLI for equipping people like us to push the Gospel message into the unbelieving world!


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