Effective Ministry Training

Effective Ministry Training

My name is Richard Stearn and I am receiving effective ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in South Africa. There is a strong Christian culture in South Africa but unfortunately, many people who associate themselves as Christians aren’t truly born again and do not live in a true vibrant relationship with God. We have strong vibrant churches in South Africa with many passionate believers, but there are also many unsaved people that still need to encounter Christ as Saviour and Lord. And there are many people in churches who still need to grow in their realization of Who God is, so that they will grow in hunger and passion for Him.

I was raised by a Christian mother and had been exposed to the things of God at an early age. One day when I was somewhere between the age of 8-10 years old, I was on my own at our house and watching a televised church service. When the pastor ended his service and came to the altar call, I felt a stirring in my spirit and made my decision for Christ. I told my mom immediately when she came home. It’s been more than 20 years now, and I was too young to fully realize the significance of that day, so I didn’t take note of the date but I know with great certainty that on that day I met with God and He met with me. On that day, the greatest and most important journey of my life started. One that is still continuing. I had much to learn and to grow into. I’ve made mistakes along the way and faced many challenges, but through it all, God has been faithful and kept me close to Him.

I love God and I love what He is doing in and through the church. I feel especially passionate about the local church and believers growing to know and experience God more. My ministry dream is to serve God passionately and faithfully as He leads me. This has been by serving in the local church and that is where my passion is. My hope is to continue to be a part of God’s work in and through the church. I want people to get to know and experience the real and living God who can transform their lives like He did mine. I also want people to see the amazing revelations in God’s Word, to marvel at it as I have, and that it draws them closer to Him.

This Getting Started class at Christian Leaders Institute has challenged me and reminded me to always remember that effective and healthy ministry comes from a healthy and vibrant relationship with God. I know this, but in the busyness of life and the excitement of ministry, it becomes easy to get caught up in the things that are going on and to not put God first.

I serve and lead in various areas in my local church and enjoy all of them. Primarily, I see myself as a servant of God and want to be willing and ready to answer His call to do whatever, whenever. The two key areas of service for me at this time, though, are serving as an elder and as a member of the youth team.

My local church, Rhema South Coast Family Church, has been amazing in helping me to heal and grow in the things of God. When I started attending the church at age 21, I was a scared, broken mess. Although I’d been saved at a young age and walked with God and experienced Him in many amazing ways, there had been many storms in my family and other areas of my life. They left me broken, but God started challenging me to attend church and led me to RSCFC. It was at RSCFC that a process of healing and strengthening began. The amazing people there, especially the pastor, have encouraged and helped me in countless ways. They gave me opportunities to serve and lead. They taught and trained and corrected. They opened up opportunities for further training and growth. It is through RSCFC that I was encouraged to try CLI for effective ministry training.

A scholarship at CLI for effective ministry training will help me to develop new skills to serve God and to help others more effectively.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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