Called Ministry Education

Called Ministry Education

My name is Charlotte McColl and I am receiving called ministry education at CLI. I live in Canada on Vancouver Island. I am originally from the U.K. The LORD has always known of me and I of him. It would be wrong not to confess to having denied him in my life for a time. I was adopted as a child and whilst I attended church and was baptized, I struggled with my reality. I felt great moral injury at having been separated from my roots. The reality, I understand now, was a test given to me by God. My walk with God was a fevered one. One where I requested much and gave very little in return. I struggled and I believed during my struggle that he did not show himself.

Some years ago, I changed and moved. I came to see other people’s struggles. I began to use the knowledge gained through life to help and to encourage others. But it was only when God answered my prayer and gave me a son that I truly saw, his goodness, his forgiveness, his love. I saw finally that he had never abandoned me, that it was his LOVE that had gotten me here. It was then that I saw him. Now I am consciously aware of the need to tell others that they are not alone and that through his love, through letting him in, they can find strength.

The first class at CLI has not been easy. There were parts I struggled with and it would have been easy to feel discouraged. But I am not looking for the easy road. The class has allowed me to focus further on my goals and to take note of the need to read the Bible daily. I most identify with the word Evangelist because it was an evangelistic church that brought me back and encouraged me to be all I could be in Christ.

The challenges I will face will be becoming more connected in my community and engaging more openly in conversation about God. I recently moved away from Edmonton due to the -30 weather which did not suit my British bones. The church I attended was very encouraging and supportive of me and my family. I miss them greatly. However, I am beginning to connect to my local church.

It is my hope to use my scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute to delve deeper into the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ our Savior and pass on what I learn to others. I recently applied to work at a center for the homeless. I feel that it would be a great advantage to study the Bible to help bring knowledge and encouragement to them. In time, I also hope to go further in my called ministry education and to minister.

Please pray for every man and woman who finds themselves, for whatever reason, outside tonight or any other. Pray that God gives them strength, hope, and friendship. That He leads them to shelter.

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