Strategic Plan for Program and Funding (2021)

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The Mission

We want to join you in spreading the influence of Christianity!

Each Christian has a calling to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! Each of us offers our time, talents, and treasures. If you have some treasure to offer for this cause, here are some priorities to consider in this completely privately funded higher education model. Do they align with your priorities?

Offer called ministry-minded Christians the opportunity to receive access to formal higher education!

Christian Leaders Ministries (DBA- CLI’s Leadership Excellence School), which includes the programs of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders Alliance, has developed a worldwide platform to reach every economic level. This platform gives access to free courses with smartphones, tablets, or computers. This access allows ministry-minded Christians to get free ministry training. This ministry training opens the door to potentially mobilizing millions of Christian leaders to competently and confidently minister serving the Lord as volunteers, part-time, or full-time ministers, whatever their occupation may be.

When you give to Christian Leaders Institute, your gifts speak to these values and key priorities. Christian Leaders Ministries (DBA – CLI’s Leadership Excellence School) is a 501 (c) 3 religious non-profit that operates on a yearly budget (See 2021 CLI Budget), is governed by our Board of Trustees, is independently audited (see 2019 audit), and submits 990’s yearly.

The Budget for 2022 is $ 1,960,702

Mission Priorities

Offering free Christian Leaders Training and low-cost credential programs in 180 nations. 

Technology (27%)

The internet technology launches free ministry training. About 30% of the budget is needed to fund the work and efforts of all the programs, interfaces, and websites.

New Courses (13.50%)

Over 100 free courses are now available. New courses are being added in 2021—courses ranging from life coaching, business, philosophy, and ministry.

Material and Product Development (8.2%)

Christian Leaders Ministries offers branded products and materials that support leaders and ministry training.

Student Services (5.5%)

Many students need customer service help. We have dedicated staff who are raising up volunteers to help.

International Languages  (16.50%)

Our funding priorities at this time are Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Spanish, and French. Russian and Ukrainian languages are our main focus, but all the languages are being developed.

We offer ministry training access in Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, and Ukrainian. 

Restorative Justice  (4%)

New and exciting opportunities are being explored with the Michigan Department of Corrections. We hope to develop a proof of concept program in 2021. This program is to offer training in Michigan prisons.

Fundraising costs (5.5%)

The fundraising costs for raising the support for Christian Leaders Ministries include some staffing and administrative costs.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Degree Administration (11%)

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has been accepted into applicant status to be recognized as accredited by the United States Department of Education. Students are pursuing degrees. Students can take their bachelor-degrees and apply at partner colleges and universities that are fully accredited.

The administration fee for the transferable college bachelor’s is only $2,650 for a Bachelor’s Degree in developed nations like the United States. The fee for developing nations is less depending on the nation. For instance, in Nigeria, the full college fee is $240.

We also have a fund that grants “Pool of Bethesda” scholarships to cover the low fees for those who cannot afford them. If you are interested in giving for a student who cannot afford the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School administration fees, click here to the Pool of Bethesda page.

Graduates have options. Graduates can apply to our accredited master program partners. Click here to see a sample of one of our partners. In this sample, students have access to a $15,000 Master’s degree from Ohio University.

We believe a degree at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School will ground master degree bound students to excel at their academics while staying focused on serving as ministers or in whatever their occupation.

Christian Leaders Alliance (4%)

The Christian Leaders Alliance is the licensing, ordination, and certification arm of Christian Leaders Ministries. Teams of volunteer ministers are helping serve our graduates in pursuing these types of credentials.

Cash Reserve (5.5%)

The board allocated that we build a cash reserve to be accessed if needed.

Total:  $1,960,702

Vision Partner Sources

Three main sources of income fund Christian Leaders Ministries:

Student-Generated Revenue: $ 850,000

Individuals and Churches: $165,000

Foundations and Institutions: $950,000

Total: $1,965,000

Statistics February 2022

Christian Leaders Institute Graduates

Christian Leaders Institute is blessed to offer lectures, quizzes, and accurate transcripts. Each student has a public profile unless they request it to be private. Over 48,800 Christian leaders in over 190 countries have completed training. Click here to see the directory.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Graduates

Students from Christian Leaders Institute may enter into the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School to use the free courses from Christian Leaders Institute to pursue collegiate credentials. Over 10,000 people have graduated from collegiate programs, including certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Click here to see CLI’s Leadership Excellence School statistics.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ministers

Christian Leaders Institute students are invited to join the Christian Leaders Alliance for their licensing, ordination, and certification needs. The Christian Leaders Alliance has a process that tracks each student’s program completion and gathers local recommendations of their character, fitness, and calling for ministry roles. Over 3,444 Christian leaders have received clergy recognition. Click here to see the Clergy Directory.

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Office Hours are from Monday – Friday 900 (9:00 am) – 1500 (3:00 pm) USA Eastern Time


Thousands of student-generated stories have been submitted attesting to the impact of free ministry training. Keep scrolling down the page to see some of the latest stories submitted.

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