Share Good By Giving Education Opportunities

Christian Leaders Institute is passionate about the privately funded free higher education model.  With this online model more of the world can be reached!

Make free Christian education available to as many people as possible. Over 300,000 people have accessed free courses!

We define doing good as: Funding students from every economic level to have access to free college-level courses. Students receive earned awards and credentials.

These credentials can be transferred to Christian Leaders College for students desiring and needing college credentials. The administration fee for the college is only $2,650 for a Bachelor’s Degree. The classes are free supported by giving. The college degree must only cover administration expenses.

Students from Christian Leaders College have been accepted into accredited master’s programs as well.

Sharing Good is supporting the cause of providing free Christian educational opportunities by partnering with this vision.

 Will you share good by giving free Christian Education?

As a  CLI student, will you share good by giving this opportunity to others?

Support Free Christian Leaders Education

Generosity-driven free courses have created study opportunities for 270,000 Christian leaders worldwide!

Resulting in:

  • Giving access in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, and Ukranian (late 2020) to over 270,ooo people who have signed up to take free classes.
  • Celebrating over 25,000 people completing free Christian education in 183 countries and receiving awards. See the Graduate Directory
  • Ordaining over 2,200 ministers in over 100 countries with the Christian Leaders Alliance. See ordination Directory.
  • Offering free courses for college degrees. The Christian Leaders College is an exciting affordable college for those who now get an opportunity to receive a low cost college degree. See Statistics
  • Granting Pool of Bethesda scholarships to cover the low fees for those who cannot afford them. If you are interested in giving for a student who cannot afford the Christian Leaders College administration fees, click here to the Pool of Bethesda page.
  • Sharing good for justice individuals. The development of a restorative justice program gets free Christian Leaders education to offenders and ex-offenders.

The free courses are online correspondence courses that can be accessed on the internet on smart phones, tablets and computers.

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CLI is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Click Here to See Offical IRS determination letter Each year an audited statement is submitted to our board of trustees by The CPA Firm of Bert Kamp, Orland Park, IL.

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