Privately Funded Free Higher Education

Do you want to study the Bible online for personal or ministry training reasons?

The Christian Leaders Institute is a world leader of a privately funded free higher education model that brings scholarships for Christian higher education courses to those called to study. This privately funded free higher education model is supported through private sector donations supplied by enrolled students, individuals, churches, and foundations.

Here are the characteristics of this model.

A-Synchronized Education

The courses and the earned credentials are a-synchronized not synchronized. It means that each student starts a class and finishes that class at different times. All their academic efforts are tracked uniquely. With the coming of the internet, the Christian Leaders Institute found a way to recruit top professors, quizzes, grades, credentials, and results tracking that allows individuals to access online correspondence courses using their phones, tablets, or computers.

Most higher education models are synchronized, meaning that everyone starts at the same time and ends at the same time. You need a teacher or a team of teachers to oversee the class, whether the course is online or not. You purchase books, and the teacher gives reading assignments. This model is expensive and supported by student loans or government subsidy. This synchronized model will be funded if governement approved free higher education is adopted in the future.

Mentor Supported Development

The education model of the Christian Leaders institute leverages outside relationships that connect to the students calling. When students begin at the Christian Leaders Institute, we ask them to find a mentor in their area of calling or interest. Generally, students are more successful if they have a mentor. If they are interested in ministry, they typically ask a local minister to help mentor them as they complete the correspondence courses. If they are interested in enterprise, they ask their employer to help. Students who want a mentor and cannot find one are directed to our mentor volunteers.

The current synchronized model of education usually covers this base by encouraging internships for the summer or a year. Leveraging outside vocational relationships always helps students integrate learning. The Christian Leaders Institute model has the potential to leverage outside professional relationships the entire time students are taking courses toward credentials.

Private Sector Funded

This Privately Funded Free Higher Education model from the Christian Leaders Institute is a private sector funding model. It means that no funding is accepted from the government or through the government-subsidized student loan programs. No funding from government sources is needed.

Christian Leaders Institute has scaled the correspondence courses through our proprietary technological interface so that we can offer online education to potentially millions of students for a fraction of the cost of traditional schooling.

It allows for funding approaches that are very efficient and personalized. They are efficient in that relatively speaking significant impact can be supported be every dollar donated in comparison to funds donated to the traditional education model. For instance, Christian Leaders Institute does not need dorms or traditional classrooms. Most resources that are given are put into the marketing and education of more people. Much of the administration of the model is done automatically through the computer interface.

There are some aspects of this privately funded free higher education model that cannot be scaled but the costs to administer those aspects are much less and these costs can be passed on to the students or supported by free scholarships. Take, for instance, the accredited degree program. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School administers the degree program that is connected to Christian Leaders Institute free courses. Recently, the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has received applicant status with, IBHE, an agency connected with the United States Department of Education, providing recognized accreditation. These 24 standards must be followed. Many of the standards apply to the personalization of the student’s academic journey with verification of the success of that journey.

Therefore, the accreditation college credentials cannot be scaled at this time. We must have a working staff that focuses on this process. The good news is that the cost to administer this accreditation personalization is much less than traditional higher education approaches. In this approach, our technological interface can do much of the work.

Even with adhering to the accreditation standards, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School can get the cost for a Bachelor’s degree down to $2,625. This cost is still more than many people in the world can afford. So we offer nation tier prices and Pool of Bethesda scholarships.

The Ministry of Education

The privately funded free education model of the Christian Leaders Institute is more like a church or a non-profit ministry and less like a tuition-based organization. Everyone is invited to access the training. Even if you hold to different worldviews from the Christian Leaders Institute, you can still access quality and credentialed training.  Like coming to a church many who come to Christian Leaders Institute are transformed in ways they never imagined.

The church or ministry is funded by donations. In a church, those who attend, give a tithe.   The same is true for Christian Leaders Institute. Students are invited to give to the ministry of reaching people with free Christian education. Just like a local church, those with no money are welcome, and others can share a gift to help others.

Just like local churches are filled with volunteers, Christian Leaders Institute recruits volunteers to help with the many functions of creating a fellowship of learners. Hundreds of students have come forward to help others. With this concept, even if they have no money to give, they can still give of their talents and time.

Interesting Opportunities

The Christian Leaders Institute model of education offers some exciting opportunities to bring high-quality Christian education worldwide. The Christian Leader Institute is guided by a Biblical statement of faith that see the Bible as the Word of God.

Indigenous Education

As we read the stories of those who access the Christian Leaders Institute, we see the limits taken off. Many in the world have little or no opportunity to improve their situation if they made some mistakes and are now called and excited about serving the Lord. Others are too poor to access quality education. Others are barely making it, and the CLI model gives them an option.

This model of donation-driven free education finds people in need regardless of race or region. Everyone is given an educational opportunity from those who can’t afford it to those who can but wish to avoid student debt.

Restorative Justice Education

This privately funded free higher education model can find its way to the prisons of Michigan and eventually to prisons everywhere. Imagine those in prison, who have come to revival there, given an opportunity to redeem their time studying courses.


This model can find its way to other languages than English. So far, classes and credentials are given in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese. Efforts are being made for Ukranian, Tamil, Amharic, and Swahili. The technology for the English Christian Leaders Institute is easily scalable.

Partner Highway

This educational model is open to partner with professors and organizations that reflect the voice the board of Christian Leaders Ministries. Christian Leaders Institute partners with the views of revival and leadership who profess and act on a Biblical worldview. Donors who connect with Christian Leaders Institute can connect their goals to our programs. For instance, one donor is interested in the Atlanta area. This funding priority will help us prioritize some staff time to develop more impact using our marketing and administration efforts to target their support.

Ordination and Life Coach Certification

This education model is open to the development of vocational networks. While students are with us for their education journey, we can assist them in leveraging a process of ordination or certification.

This non-denominational process and structure include the solicitation of recommendations and adherence to academic standards. This process is overseen by the Christian Leaders Alliance, which is focused mainly on ministry vocations giving an ordination option for volunteer ministers, part-time or full-time ministers.


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