Christian Leaders Institute Pool of Bethesda Degree Scholarship

CLI understands that some students cannot even afford a payment plan for the administrative fees, and thus we decided to create a Pool of Bethesda Degree Scholarship Program (Bethesda means “House of Mercy”).

The Pool of Bethesda appears in the Gospel of John in chapter 5, verses 1-15. In John 5, we are informed that around the Pool of Bethesda a multitude of people with illness and infirmities were waiting for an opportunity to be the first one to step in after an angel stirred the water from time to time. And the first person who stepped in would be healed of his or her infirmity. Jesus heals a man who had been waiting a long time but had never been able to be the first one to enter the pool. Inspired by this example of God’s mercy displayed in this story, CLI decided to form the Pool of Bethesda Degree Scholarship Fund.

By entering this “Pool,” students will be eligible to potentially receive a scholarship for a degree as CLI receives donations for the Pool of Bethesda Degree Scholarship Program. Students will be providentially selected as CLI receives funding for degree scholarships.

Enrollment in the Pool of Bethesda Scholarship Program does not guarantee you will be able to receive a scholarship. The enrollment period for this Program is one year (365 days). If a student is not able to complete the assignments or CLI is not able to match the student to a scholarship sponsor within the year period, the student will be automatically unenrolled and will need to prayerfully consider re-entering the Pool of Bethesda and re-attempting to receive a scholarship.

Students should not enroll themselves in this Program unless they truly cannot afford even the lowest monthly payment for their Tier level. Students should also first enroll in and take the Degree Program Orientation Hall overview course. Please prayerfully consider if you should enroll in the Pool of Bethesda Scholarship Program or if you should not. Thank you.

If you are already eligible to enroll yourself into the Pool of Bethesda and are ready to pursue a scholarship for a degree, you can do so now – click here.

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