Debt Free College Degree

Debt Free College Degree at CLI

Blessings in Christ to the wonderful president, students, staff in general, professors, and ALL the body that makes a debt free college degree at Christian Leaders Institute possible. My name is Angel Luis Gerena, Sr. I live in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I am originally from Puerto Rico. At the age of nine, I came to Chicago, and I have been a resident here ever since.

I am so grateful that I found the Christian Leaders Institute because I had been looking for a college for a few years until now. I was depressed and feeling like I wasn’t able to find an Institute or College that would accept me and also be reasonably priced. However, now I have found a Family, who are great brothers and sisters. These are people whom I didn’t even know existed, and they treat me as if they knew me for years.

Doctorate in Theology Goal

I am an experienced musician, composer, recording engineer for 45 years, and studio owner, now retired. I play guitar, some keyboard, Puerto Rican cuatro, and minor Latin percussion.

My long term educational goal is to get my Doctorate in Theology. With God, all things are POSSIBLE. I know the Holy Spirit will help me with intelligence and knowledge for He has done it before. I am doing this because I believe God still has a mission for me on this earth; my work here is NOT finished. Christian Leaders Institute will guide my steps on this long journey and teach me the steps I must follow to make it to that Doctorate in Theology.

I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 12, and I plan to serve him until my last breath. I will go where He leads me and do what He shows me to do. In Jesus name, Amen.

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