My name is Cynthia Jones, a 55 year old wife, with one daughter and two grandchildren. My husband and I live most of the year in a small community outside of Spartanburg, SC, USA and five months in Costa Rica where my husband receives part of his cardiac care. My daughter is in her third year of seminary and was instrumental in the life I live now.

BCynthia Joneseing brought up in the Baptist church I was baptized before I was a teenager. Always believing in the Bible, prayer, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father I thought I was a good person although I had allowed alcohol and drugs to dominate my life. The life I was living was not the life that is described and desired by Jesus Christ. My daughter tried to reach me and in July 2010 her love and prayers opened my heart and my desired for God to take his place in my life.  Rededication of my life was made publicly and with baptism. Praying and talking to God, reading and studying the bible daily I felt my heart began to change. Outside my anger was removed, the tone in my voice changed, the way I viewed my world softened and I felt peace and happiness.

During my chemo-therapy for Stage III-C ovarian cancer in 2003 God tried to reach me but I refused to listen. When I would pray before bed or during difficult days I was never afraid of death because my soul was saved… but God was trying to tell me the life I was missing without a dedicated walk with Jesus Christ. Even though I survived when I was given two years to live my life began a downhill spiral. My days were unhappy, discontented and felt like there was nothing special about life. God was patient with me; allowing my misery until I was willing to surrender to his will. He led me through conviction with the unconditional love that only God can give His children. What a gift!

God told me to pursue education on His word. Where I will be lead is unknown but I know God has a plan. The pain and suffering of our disadvantaged children through divorce, drugs and being discarded by society is something I feel strongly about. It is not for me to question why, when or where but to study God’s word so I may share the truth of Jesus Christ and life everlasting. My family supports my studies and we see the presence of the Holy Spirit at work in many close to us.

A scholarship with CLI is important because it will allow me to study no matter where I am with courses that are presented in a clear, direct manner which I am able to understand. I was left with a condition called chemo brain which affected my ability to remember, I lose words and sometimes cannot finish a sentence.  It is with my faith that I know the Holy Spirit will guide me in my studies and God will restore my body. The mission of CLI leaders and staff is clearly to bring God’s word to all areas of the world regardless.

My church is new with few members. Each member is dedicated to an area of service and everyone works together to accomplish God’s work. Churches are abundant in the USA but so many do not have God as their leader. I know God is calling out to the world in many ways; showing us how we are surface Christians and giving us a warning to come back to Him. It is not about a religion – it is totally about God the Father who sent his Son to die for me (us) and the gift of the Holy Spirit that is His gift to guide us everyday in every way when we listen. That is the truth God placed in my heart.

In years past I would never have pictured myself and my husband in a foreign country and I do not know if my calling will plant something or if there is something I am to learn by being there. Your prayers for guidance in my life, knowledge and understanding of the courses I am studying and the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide me that I will know the truth.

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  1. Future Armstrong
    Future Armstrong says:

    Hello Cynthia.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It is a blessing to me. I am not sick, but Satan has tried to attack my mind and body with diagnoses of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am doing well, however, because I believe in and stand on Isaiah 53: 5 regarding the healing stripes of Jesus Christ.
    Isaiah 53:5. But he was pierced through for our transgressions,
    He was crushed for our iniquities;
    The chastening of our peace was upon him,
    And by his scourging, we are healed.
    Please note that as a Christian, your healing has been provided for. Now, cast aside every imagination ( negative doctor reports, lying signs and symptoms, oppressive spirits, words that speak death to you and not life) that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ. You are totally healed.
    I am a firm believer in Christ the Healer; I am a firm believer that He heals and performs miracles in this time in which we live.
    I pray that God will restore your remote and current memory, and that the Chemo brain symptoms of forgetting what you are about to say, or being unable to finish sentences, all will be destroyed by the ‘atoning blood of Jesus Christ.’
    Agape from God’sFuture
    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    US of A.

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