Hi, I’m Cortni LoGalbo (formerly Brown). I live in the USA and although I’m in “The Bible Belt,” I’m constantly astounded by the number of people that are blinded to the reality of what The Lord has done for them. This doesn’t even touch on the number of people that think they are saved simply because they attended church, got baptized, or live primarily morally ethic lifestyles. Although these are all good things, we as a country have become numb to the realization that only a relationship with Christ can free us from the punishment that we deserve. My hope is that The Lord would use me for His glory.

I was actually raised in a Christian home, but I specifically remember one night as a child, alone in my room asking The Lord to be my savior. My family helped me build a strong foundation in The Lord, but after I graduated High School I faced tragic circumstances as well as church hurt that left me feeling wounded and broken. For a time I fell to my “rock bottom” where I was grieving The Holy Spirit and was far from well in my walk with The Lord. However, as promised, He always provided me a way out and FINALLY I picked myself up and took the opportunity to come to a restored and more fulfilling relationship with Him. Since then, He has been faithful to His word and I’ve grown tremendously in my faith and knowledge, but most importantly in a relationship with Him.

Ever since 2nd grade, I’ve felt called to do missions work for The Lord. We were able to meet some Missionaries from Africa at camp and from that point on, I knew Africa had a little place in my heart; but more so, I had a passion to do some form of missions work in the future.

There were very specific things that He spoke to me:
* That I’d Require Some Form of Intricate Bible Lessons
* That I’d Learn the Specific Place I’m Called to After I Was Married
* He’s Called Me to Teach/Make Disciples

From the time I had a restored relationship, I began to see these things falling into place right before my very eyes. They were made so clear that even the people around me would say hands down that God was at work. He spoke to me specific dates of when various things would occur and I’m so grateful that I believed Him on His words, because even some non-believers in my life were able to witness the entire event so much that they couldn’t deny His power in it! God has been amazing to speak to me in a way that I understand and I know that He does the same for everyone; if only we choose to listen.

I currently serve with youth, and I definitely feel called to work with this area. I lead a 5/6th grade ministry and hope to acquire the knowledge and skills to grow as a Youth Leader and eventually as a Missionary (to another state or country). Oddly enough, the group of students that we have within our church were primarily raised in a “Christian home,” but many have grown stale or stagnant and have lost the true understanding of what Christianity even means. We hope to preach to them the full gospel, not just to give them the “feel good” messages, or to show them simply a “fun time.”

Per Christianity Today, studies show that after High School 70% of students leave the church and only (at best) 50% return a decade later. This doesn’t even take into account that the numbers are increasingly growing, so these statistics will only get worse if we don’t take action!

Proverbs 22:6 KJV Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. If these statistics remain, then what are we doing wrong as Parents, Leaders, etc? They obviously were missing the essential piece that holds them together – Christ. This can’t continue. Every Christian is CALLED to be a leader (make disciples) and this means that we must be the example and teach the future generations. This is the calling of all Christians, and as for myself, I know that I can’t and won’t sit idly by and disobey.

For myself, what does this look like? For now I serve with youth and teach “Canvas 56,” our 5/6th grade program. My local church has allowed me to grow as a leader and I am now being given the responsibility of training up other leaders to serve in the program. Eventually, we plan to have a Middle School Ministry that I will work with and from there God will tell me the next step. Also, I also am looking forward to possibly traveling to Africa for a missions trip next year!

As I was recently married, I am blessed to have a husband with similar passions and callings. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and 2 amazing daughters. I’m always growing by being able to witness their love and devotion to The Lord. It stretches and pulls me in all directions, but that is the beauty of growth. It is all for a purpose that God is preparing me for.

I have actually been combing the internet since 2010 trying to find the right Christian online college to help me accomplish the training that I feel The Lord calling me to do. Thankfully, about a year ago I came across C.L.I. and with the help of the (then) Youth Pastor and a friend (my now husband), I determined that this was that place that God had previously put a desire on my heart for. Several months ago, I finally had the opportunity to fully submerge myself into the program. Recently, my husband (prior to us getting married), was told that he needed to finish his degree since he’d been promoted to serve as Youth Director. Coincidentally, my calling ended up being his as well. It’s amazing how God works things out in ways that we never could have imagined. So here we are, and we’d be otherwise unable to afford this education. We make enough to get by, but are in just the right bracket to be ineligible for most scholarships. This program is truly a dream come true for my family. I look forward to seeing how God will use this education for His glory.

The power of prayer is amazing! God has been so gracious to extend his ear to hear us. Any prayers extended our way for the future of our ministry would be a blessing and for the pressures of ministry. I pray that we continue to give the burdens of life to God and not to hold onto the stresses that come with the field.

1 Corinthians 3:7 NIV So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

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