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Do you like drinking coffee? Do you like giving to those in need? What if your coffee drinking habit was tied to giving free education? Think of brewing “good” coffee and doing “good” every cup!

The “good” coffee is really great coffee! Special Arabica blends have been created for this ministry training coffee fundraiser program. These blends are provided from one of the world’s largest coffee roasteries and SQF3 certified. If you order the organic brew, that coffee is OCIA certified organic!

The Good Cause of Free College Education!

This fundraiser is making free education courses available! This education brings exciting opportunities for those who desperately need and want to make a difference! Education brings competence and confidence. Education creates leaders. Leaders change the world.

This free education is made possible by the Christian Leaders Institute.

Christian Leaders Institute has offered free college-level courses since 2006, featuring highly rated professors and programs of study.

Do Good Impact

Over 250,000 people have enrolled in over 90 courses in over 183 countries. Each enrolled student has the opportunity to study free of charge. Over 25,000 Christian leaders (see directory) have been given scholarships and have completed over 100,000 programs of study. See statistics.

After officially admitted students complete courses and programs of study, their completed accomplishments are recorded on their public profile. Students can receive over 175 credits of college credit.

What do these free courses with free digital credentials accomplish?

Will you brew good coffee and do good by helping continue to fund and expand this amazing opportunity?

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Each month receive:

Most importantly, you will receive the satisfaction of supporting free Christian leaders courses for those who are called to change the world and need quality education.

Over 90% of the world does not have access to college-level training. Christian Leaders Institute makes these high-quality online correspondence courses available (in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Tamil, and Ukranian) that can be completed on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

In summary, your subscription funds the making and delivery of high-quality courses for those who have little or no resources to pay for college-level education. Courses such as general education, ministry training, enterprise (business), communications, leadership and more will funded through these donations.

College Administration Fee Scholarship Match

Christian Leaders College offers its accreditation track degree program for only $2,625. Many in this world cannot even afford that price. For every dollar raised, a generous donor will donate one dollar for the Pool of Bethesda Administration Fee Scholarship program. In 2020, up to 100 scholarships will be matched through this program.

This means that your coffee subscription will bring double impact!

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Vision Partner Subscriptions:

Be part of the Vision Partners Program and receive a twelve-ounce package of Ministry Brews coffee monthly! You will receive the fresh ground coffee sent from Christian Leaders Institute once a month while your subscription is active.

Each month you will receive a 12 oz bag of your choice. We will also send you an inspiring story that your brewing good helped create! Plus we will keep you in the Christian Leaders loop while you enjoy great coffee!

Christian Leaders Institute is partnering with Ministry Brews to supply you with crafted Arabica blends that will warm you from the inside out.