Church Planting - Isaac Tetteh Juddah of Ghana

Church Planting –  Isaac Tetteh Juddah of Ghana has been called by God to participate in Church Planting. His testimony tells of his journey and challenges he faces on the road of Church Planting.

“I first pursued a certificate in Pastoral Ministry in Sept., 2001. I just completed B.A (Psychology) at University Of Ghana. I have been in ministry for the past eleven years. I have been involved with Church Planting three times through transfers by my church. I have been transferred to Zimbabwe for Church Planting by my church. I have been in Zimbabwe for barely a month now with my wife.”

“I am husband of one wife with four children, three boys and a girl. I accepted Christ as Lord and personal savior by the help of my Sunday School teacher at age ten. I then joined the adult service at age seventeen and has kept my faith in Christ till date, I felt the call of God upon my life in my teenage years but I waited for confirmation when I was called into ministry.”

Isaac does Church Planting in Zimbabwe.

“I am now living in Zimbabwe as a missionary of the Church of Pentecost, however, I am awaiting my temporary employment permit yet to be approved. The harvest in Zimbabwe is ripe for Church Planting but the laborers are few. There are more christians in this country but the level of commitment, dedication and maturity is very low.”

“Most of the Church Planting happens in Harare, the capital city. More Church Planting is needed in the other provinces. Another challenging factor is the issue of quality leaders to be responsible to the local Church Planting efforts. This calls for systematic training but financial support is lacking because of the prevailing economic challenges in Zimbabwe.”

“I was introduced to Christ by my Sunday school teacher at age 8 and at age 15 I joined the adult service where I accepted Christ as Lord and personal Savior, I continued in fellowship with the saints in all zealousness and was called into full-time ministry in the year 2000.”

“My heart desire is to serve the Lord my God with all my heart, strength and soul. My dream is to be more involved with Church Planting and train leaders to shepherd these churches to be transformed to the image of Christ.”

“I cannot give what I do not have. If I am aiming at quality leadership through Church Planting,  it implies that I must have that kind of leadership. After going through the Getting Started Course, My heart is at peace that I have found what I was searching for years.”

“The scholarship is great importance to me because this will make my Church Planting dreams come true. It will remove the financial constrains in realizing my dream and also I will not be confined to classroom as is the case in other theological institutions.

“I would be very grateful if could be supported with my Church Planting through prayer in the following areas: Get my Temporary Employment Permit in Zimbabwe. More Church Planting. Train more committed and mature leader. Be a leader by example. Have a closer personal walk with Jesus Christ.”

Isaac has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his training for Church Planting thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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