Campus Crusade for Christ - Maurice Agunda of Kenya

Campus Crusade for Christ – Maurice Agunda of Kenya came to know the Lord through Campus Crusade for Christ. As a young orphan, Maurice needed a Savior. Campus Crusade for Christ reached Maurice. He shares his story and family struggle below.

“I am the third born in a family of four. I lost my parents when I was very young. I also lost my younger brother in 2005. My elder brother and sister have accepted Christ in their lives. My sister is married. My concern is about my sister’s family who has been going through some tough financial times. Please pray for them!”

 Maurice never thought he would become Christian through Campus Crusade for Christ.

“My coming into Christ is a fairytale since I did not plan for it neither did I envision it. After graduating from high school in 2003, my elder brother introduced me to Campus Crusade for Christ International that was offering an intensive 6-months ex-candidates program. He informed me that the training was on guidance and counseling. However, when I joined the program, all the lessons focused on teaching about God, who a Christian is, and how to become a Christian.”

Campus Crusade for Christ taught Maurice about God and he decided to follow the Lord.

“In one of the sessions with Campus Crusade for Christ on how to share your faith, we had a guest teacher who sought to find out when each of the students had accepted Christ in their lives. The whole group had received Christ before except me. I was then used as an example to the class on how to share your faith through a small booklet known as “Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws.” I eventually accepted Christ in my life and Campus Crusade for Christ helped me to grow in Christianity.”

Campus Crusade for Christ planted the seeds for Maurice to start a ministry for youth.

“I am the founder and president of DICE Ministry Kenya, a faith based organization that was founded about two years ago with a vision of developing a generation that knows God, is empowered, and is skillful. The organization basically focuses on reaching out to young people in high-schools and ex-candidates in order to prepare them for life in campus, in the community, or in the marketplace. It is similar to Campus Crusade for Christ with a focus on younger people”

Maurice did some things different then Campus Crusade for Christ with his ministry.

“As part of realizing our vision, DICE Ministry Kenya offers an eight-month empowerment program to ex-candidates from various high schools, especially those from very humble backgrounds. This program provides various courses such as Discipleship and Evangelism, Life skills training, basic computer packages, basic music skills, graphic design, and video editing & shooting.”

Getting reached through Campus Crusade for Christ was not enough. He needed advanced ministry training to be a Christian Leader.

“I have always desired to attend an institution that will provide me with relevant ministry training that will help me to become effective in my service to God. I believe that CLI is the place for me to receive that kind of training. The training received from this institution will be beneficial in reaching out and preparing young people in my community.”

Christian Leaders Institute will take him beyond Campus Crusade for Christ.

“As an orphan, I have chosen CLI because of the quality of the training and the fact that the courses are provided for free. I am very grateful to you for providing your support to the institution that ensures people like me access relevant ministry training as we partner in fulfilling the great commission. Please pray that God will continue expanding the ministry and for financial support for the ministry. Thanks, Maurice”

Maurice has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. His conversion throughCampus Crusade for Christ set him on a journey.  He continues to advance his training  thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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