Nigeria Ministry - Joshua Adedipe of Nigeria

Nigeria Ministry – Adedeji Adewunmi wants to make an difference for Nigeria Ministry. Joshua Adedipe has a heart for the people of Nigeria. He knows God can use him as a missionary it impact for Nigeria Ministry. He starts by talking about some of his need for education for Nigeria Ministry.

“I am JOSHUA A. ADEDIPE, am enrolling for courses with Christian Leaders Institute and I need sponsorship to be able carry on with my main studies for Nigeria Ministry. I have finished with the preliminary courses at Christian Leaders Institue. I am a Nigeria from the South Western part of the country but residence and working as a minister of the Gospel at Jos city in Plateau State in the Northern Part of Nigeria. This is one of the cities where there has been religious crisis between Christian and Islamic religion.”

Nigeria Ministry faces serious persecution.

“Many Christian House of worship had been burnt and many killed because of their faith. Many are forced to relocate to safe places and this also brings hardship to their ways of living.”

Joshua grew up Christian, this led him to be involved for Nigeria Ministry.

“Born and brought up in a Christian Home, I had my personal encounter with God in the early seventies while in a boarding school own by The Apostolic Church. There after I was convinced to give my life to Jesus that I did. Ever since then I have involve myself in church and ministry activities at one level or other till today.”

Nigeria Ministry must reach the next generation.

“My ministry dream is to reach the unreached (those who are yet to accept the Lord Jesus Christ) through Church Planting and Teachings through the Bible, the word of God to the grass root. Especially to reach the children who will grow to be leaders of tomorrow. Once the children are able to understand and believe the truth of the Bible and salvation work done by Jesus Christ for them at their tender age, the possibility of remaining as Christian when they are old would be very high.  This objective of reaching the children with Nigeria Ministry at early age is what I call “Catch them Young”.”

Proper training must be received for success with Nigeria Ministry.

“The cost of learning is high, the cost teaching is also very high and my ministry is out to combine the two together i.e. to study and to be able to teach that which I have learnt to other less privilege people in such a way as to win their souls for Christ. In view of the above I need CLI scholarship to assist in my studies as well in other area that it could be of help to achieve my ministry goals. I believe that the more you learn the more the productivity one will achieve, there is no limit to learning and there is no age limit to learning. I hereby apply for scholarship through CLI to be able to accomplish my ministry goals.”

 Joshua willingly takes a great risk to advance Nigeria Ministry.

“As I have stated above, the Northern part of Nigeria is a challenging area for Christians, it is very risky for Christians in this part of nation to carry out their Christian activities as they are being killed and house of worship bombed. My prayer request is that God should take perfect control of the Nation and minister to those who are bent on killing Christians in the Nation. That Christianity should continue to grow in the country while God should inspire his ministers to do exploit for more souls through church planting and teaching of His words and also that the Muslim in the North should not be hostile to the preaching and teachings of the Bible which is the word of God.
Yours faithfully in the service of the Almighty God
Joshua A. Adedipe”

Joshua has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue Nigeria Ministry thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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