Online Bible College - Nathaniel Quartey of Ghana

Online Bible College – Quartey of Ghana has chosen Christian Leaders Institue to be his Online Bible College. He knows CLI is he best option for an Online Bible College because of his location. He shares a bit of his background and journey in his ministry.

“Hello, my name is Nathaniel Quartey and I’m from Accra, Ghana. It’s really exciting for me to join this wonderful Online Bible College Christian leaders Institue. I committed myself to a relation with God through Jesus Christ at the age of twelve. One thing that characterized my life in my earlier walk with God was a deep thirst for the knowledge of God. This thirst became even stronger when I started to share my faith with my family and friends.

Over the past twelve years, I have taken advantage of several opportunities to study to show myself approved onto God and also to be an effective workman (leader). I look forward to gaining relevant ministerial training through my participation in this Online Bible College CLI. My country Ghana is predominantly Christian, with over 50% of the population professing Christianity. Islam dominates in the northern part of the country and there are other smaller religious groups. Not less than 95% of the population is religious.”

An Online Bible College will allow Nathaniel to engage his peers.

“In spite of the diverse ethnic and religious groupings in Ghana, there is a marked peaceful atmosphere which makes the country stand out amongst its West-African neighbors  You can share your faith with just about anyone without the fear of persecution or hostility. There exists a general religious tolerance and respect for human rights, and I believe this factor is what has made Ghana to be recognized as one of the few stable democracies in sub-saharan Africa. All of these make missionary work  and my study with an Online Bible College easy in Ghana.”

Nathaniel can use his training from this Online Bible College to reach the Ghanese people.

“I am very excited about the bi-vocational approach this Online Bible College has adopted which will enable me pursue ministerial training alongside my studies in engineering. I believe that every Christian is called to ministry and should train through an Online Bible College. It is possible to combine a professional life with the work of the ministry. I would be grateful to receive a scholarship for my studies with this Online Bible College. My financial constrains at the moment would not make it possible for me to afford the tuition. I am grateful for this opportunity CLI is offering and I would appreciate to be a part of its success.”

Nathaniel has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to advance his education with this Online Bible School thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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