My name is Rachel Hicks and I am receiving free Christian training at CLI. I grew up in the small village of White City, Illinois. I have moved a lot and now live in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. It has been a long journey from the time I became a Christian on 10/31/1997 to becoming a Christian Leader. Being a Christian Leader should not be a competition between leaders.

My childhood was the average childhood. My father was a police dispatcher and my mother was a certified nurse’s aide. We had some struggles after my father became ill and no longer worked. We were a decent family, my parents had morals and values, we learned of Jesus and they introduced Jesus to us. When we experienced the negatives of the enemy, my father took upon himself to reach out and get us spiritual help. I had a good father, although he was in a battle himself, he knew what was best for us.

I came to know the Lord in 1997 through a spiritual cleaning team: a youth pastor and other men, from Life Christian Center, also known as Life Church in Fenton, MO. Jesus became my personal Savior through the experience and the deliverance from demonic oppression. Although I knew of Jesus all my life, the turn in my adolescence was when I made unhealthy decisions as a kid and dabbled in witchcraft, Ouija boards, speaking to spirits, drugs, and alcohol. I was 15 years old when Jesus came into my life.

My spiritual dream is to effectively lead others to Christ. Sharing Jesus with others can be hard at times, treating a person with humility and dignity, showing integrity in being a believer, helping the poor and feeding the hungry, and sharing how Jesus truly is the inner peace to our souls. Our salvation comes through Christ, and we have a promise of a new kingdom from Heaven where we will have everlasting life. My dream is to gather as many souls for Him while I am on Earth and make an impact on God‘s Kingdom for His glory.

The obstacles I faced while growing into maturity is that I did not have a spiritual mentor or Christian training. My pastor was not close to me and I grew alone with God. I had been very isolated, misled, went places where I did not want to go, sent to other churches I did not want to go, and it has been a “Gracefully Broken” moment in my life. I had to learn to accept through Isaiah 42:19: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

There were deep dark moments in my life that made me realize that I needed Christ in my life. These moments of suicide, feeling worthless, that I did not amount to anything and people really cutting me down and saying mean things about me. It is tough for anyone to experience the dark side and abusive part of humanity that comes against us all, but through Jesus, I realized He is all I need. He became real to me when He became my #1 and my best friend, my counselor, my Savior, my provider, and my minds thoughts. He brings transformation in my heart, soul, and spirit, and through worship, His presence has been incredible.

When I first came to Christian Leaders Institute and enrolled to take the beginning course, there were many things that made so much sense to me. It helped me realize that through the changes in my life and Christian training God has called me to a be revival leader. I am being molded and changed in all areas of my life. There are attitudes and character traits that I need to follow in order to be a successful leader. I know through further studying with CLI that I can get the Christian training that I never had that will be helpful in the inner process of change in my life.

The free Christian training at CLI is necessary for me because it helps me grow in all areas of my life. Christ died for us and His blood was paid for us. This opportunity to receive free Christian training will be beneficial for me and anyone else who wants to be a steward for Christ. Thank you, CLI!

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