Christian Mission Call

Christian Mission Call

My name is Jordan McGrath and I have a Christian mission call on my life. I am twenty years old and come from the small city of Vernon, located in British Columbia, Canada. I am currently serving at my church (Vernon First Baptist) as a youth leader and find such great joy in working with the youth and pouring out into them. Being a leader, though it can be difficult, is such a fulfilling role, especially when you get to witness the transformation of these youth and see their relationship with Christ flourish.

I was raised as a Christian child, going to church with my grandparents, but never really having that deep personal relationship with Christ. From a young age, I remember disliking school. I had a lot of trouble concentrating and gaining the motivation to actually complete work, which made each grade harder and harder to complete.

My walk as a Christian has been quite the journey, as I have only been a follower of Christ for just over a year. It all started in the summer of 2017 when I got invited to a young adult campout hosted by one of the local churches. God spoke through one of the pastors at night and it changed my heart immensely. Immediately after, I started attending church and delving into the Word, and a few months later in October, I was baptized.

My spiritual dream is to grow in closer to God and walk in God’s will as I go out to the nations as a missionary. I want to fulfill God’s Christian mission call upon my life, by loving people, sharing the gospel, and serving others. Some of my biggest obstacles in the process of surrendering to Christ was letting go of certain things and giving my all to God. Surrendering has its difficulties, as it involves huge amounts of trusting in God, and though it’s been quite the challenge, I’ve put a lot of focus on growing in this particular area of my life. I’ve been humbled time after time with the realization that I cannot be wise in my own eyes, but realize that wisdom comes from God.

God became so real to me when I was in YWAM, and I was brought to a point where He was all that I could lean on and He was all that I could trust in. YWAM brought me through such a refining process in my faith and overall brought my belief to a whole new level.

I’m here taking these courses at Christian Leaders Institute hoping to grow, grow, and grow. Accreditation is nice, and proves the legitimacy of this school to me, but, the primary reason for me taking these courses is so that I may use my knowledge and apply it within the field that God has called me to. The fact that these courses are free is the only thing that makes getting education possible for me, as I feel called to staff at YWAM in the near future and could not possibly afford to do both!

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