Christian Leader Training Dream

Christian Leader Training Dream

I am Jessica Cordova and I have a Christian leader training dream. I am 27 years old, married, and reside in the U.S.A. in the state of Florida as a teacher. Throughout my life, I have visited various churches and struggled to find a church home. I grew up in a home of “non-practicing” believers. We didn’t attend church regularly or participate in family devotional time at home. I never really found my niche between the opposing extremes of “religiousness”. I somehow thought that maybe I wasn’t cut out for everything the Christian way of life entailed. Later in my life as I began teaching and seeking more out of my life and the world, I started to wonder, “Why am I really here? Is this everything I have to look forward to? Am I living a fulfilling life?” As we all know or come to find out, you wouldn’t ask yourself these questions if you are leading a life filled with satisfaction.

It was in my mid-twenties that I received an interesting gift from my mother in the midst of my conflicting thoughts. It was a Bible, black leather, encased in a zippered pouch. There was a short message from my mother, “Maybe you’ll find this useful.” The book was small but mighty and just the sign I needed to start my spiritual journey. Aside from the fact that I immediately felt lost when I opened it, I also felt empowered by the challenge ahead! The words were lengthy and difficult to understand but I didn’t give up. I went out and purchased my own Bible that was easier to read and had an added bonus of included daily devotionals. Reading through the new translation and relatable stories, I felt a strong reflection and desire for application of the word in my life. I also wanted to aid others in the process of getting to know their Heavenly Father. I became comforted with each reading and prayer I spoke and hungry to learn more. Before I knew it, I was growing in my relationship with the Lord. I was applying God’s word to my own life and using it to fuel and help others in the wake of my own learning. In this process, I recognized my calling into ministry and a Christian leader training dream was born. In my Christian leader training dream, I am using my gifts to work with women and children in the community.

I believe that I still have much to learn before becoming a youth leader or leading any small groups and that is why I am so grateful for the Christian Leaders Institute scholarship. I am interested in continuing my studies and growing in my knowledge of the Lord. I hope to continue to inspire others in their walk with God by teaching and supporting them. I believe that I was made to help others find their way to faith through individualized and unconventional approaches developed by my personal experiences. I know that no one set path will be applicable to every person’s relationship with Him.

I want others to know that we are all created uniquely to fulfill a different purpose. Therefore, we have unique testimonies and temptations to overcome that will eventually bring us to our full potential in glorifying God. This distinction should definitely be celebrated and embraced on the journey! Leading others to the Lord and seeking His guidance to reveal their purpose in His kingdom is a true gift. I am overjoyed by the opportunity to keep people encouraged in the process of walking with God while spreading love and unity in Christ.

I hope to continue on with my studies at CLI and I hope to find a church family nearby that we can grow with. My dream is to become a trained Christian leader within my community and start my own ministry with my husband to share the word of God. Please, pray for our dreams to minister to others. Also, pray that I grow in my confidence in the Lord and my abilities as a mentor to better serve the Lord.

Learn about local ecuministry ordinations at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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