Christian Leader Calling

Christian Leader Calling

Hello, my name is Kevin Head and this is the testimony of my Christian leader calling. I am from Barling, Arkansas in the United States of America. Being a Christian leader is very important to me because growing up I didn’t really have someone to look up to that was a Christian. My family is not believers, so for a while, I was the only one. I am currently involved in my church’s youth group and it is the best feeling. I get to pour the love of Jesus over these kids and get to hear how their life is going. I praise God for the opportunity.

As I said, my family members are not believers so I was not raised in a Christian home. I decided to go to church when I was 7. I went to church camp and got saved at the age of 8. As I grew up, I realized I wasn’t saved because I didn’t understand what was going on. I dedicated my life to Jesus in 2016. My spiritual dream is to see the young generation ages 12-17 drastically changed by the Love of Jesus. There are much perversion and pain in this town within these age groups and they need to know how much the Father loves them.

I will be attending the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith to get my degree in Middle School Education. This will allow me to be in the schools and mentor the next generation. Some of the obstacles that I have faced are my friends, watching things I should not be, and the generational curse of alcohol and drugs. Thank God that the curse is broken now! The event that made me realize that I wasn’t saved was seeing all the hurt and the lost people and realizing that I fit in with them too well. I realized that I wasn’t saved and I wasn’t on the path that God wanted me on. God became so real to me when I begin to see lives changed drastically by Him.

I hope to use my Christian Leaders Institute Training to help root myself deeper in God’s word and to be able to lead and love the lost like Jesus did! I can’t afford an expensive seminary so this is necessary for me to begin my Christian leader calling journey to change the youth.

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