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God’s Destiny Over Dysfunction

I am Denise Jones from the United States. I am a student in the Chaplaincy Minister Program at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Early Life

I am the oldest of seven children and raised under the Word of God. My father learned about Jesus and became fully immersed in the work of spreading the Good News. He dedicated his life to raising his family in daily worship at home and church. I enjoyed the benefit of Christian education, although I did not realize the significant economic sacrifice until later in life. I studied the Gospels in a Christian college where I finally received the love of God for me! That’s when I gave my life to Jesus. Serving the Lord Jesus Christ was my destiny from the beginning, and I had yet to walk in His purpose for me fully.

Challenges and Disruptions

My parents split up when I was 12 years old. The five oldest children left Maryland with my father to live in Louisiana for two years. Then we settled in Texas. The younger two siblings remained in Maryland with my mother. This reality caused emotional and spiritual scars for us all. Now that we have families of our own, we still prayerfully search for peace with our past and the separation between us.

I returned to Maryland at age 20. I married three years later, and we had a son who now has a family of his own. Although I hoped my marriage would remedy my childhood scars, somehow, the marriage failed. It was devastating. I fell into depression and lacked confidence. Eventually, I turned to the Lord, pleading with Him to give me the strength and resources to raise my son. He heard my cries!

Education and Ministry

I received my bachelor’s degree in business administration and had planned to pursue a master’s degree. However, all sorts of financial and personal disruptions occurred. Unemployed twice within a 20-year period, two different organizations laid me off– one downsized, and the other restructured its culture to appeal to millennials. Even so, I saw the hand of God moving me to my purpose.

In the meantime, I volunteered in my church and ministered to women who, like me, were shaken by life. After sharing my testimony with one person at a time, God impressed me with the need to start Bible study classes, coordinate small groups, and partner in a women’s ministry. My pastor observed my passion and requested that I become an elder in the church. Female leaders were underrepresented in a congregation with many women. He was confident that I was serious about feeding the flock.

Chaplaincy Minister Program

It is my desire to testify to other audiences the love and blessings the Lord gave me. He restored me numerous times when I experienced my lowest points. I searched for a Chaplaincy minister program that I could afford – which is not much. The Lord has called me to the next level – to serve the unchurched. There are so many who do not know about the love of God. My joy in finding the Chaplaincy Minister Program at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and Alliance (CLA) cannot be fully expressed.

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