Chaplaincy Program

Always Learning

Hi, my name is Cathy Zorn, a 2nd generation Canadian. I am thankful to be in the Chaplaincy program at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible courses, Click Here).

I live in my small hometown of Dundas, Ontario. It is where the Niagara escarpment meets the inland waters of Lake Ontario. Aside from a bit of an excursion to the British Columbia interior for three years, our life has mainly been in this nature-filled valley.

My Faith Journey

Many good things and memories filled my childhood. I had known Jesus since the age of 12 when my parents decided to attend church and enroll us in a Christian school in our neighborhood. Friends there quickly helped me learn even the most basic Bible stories to start my faith journey, for which I was grateful. After that, I shared my young life with two younger brothers. Later, I shared my life with my husband, four kids, and now three grandchildren, not to mention my great friends.

Events that Led Me to Chaplaincy

I want to highlight the main events in my life that propelled me into seeking out a chaplaincy program that suits me. The first event was the tragedy of losing my 22-year-old brother in a vehicle accident. It proved to be a time of wrestling for our family regarding what the goodness of God meant. Expecting our first child, I was in awe and wonder of new life and at the same time angered with the unexpected loss of life. Thankfully, my brother was a believer, and I know where he is. However, without that knowledge, the agony remains for many others.

Further, we have seen marriages break up with our friends, the death of children, hospitalized children, the unappreciated stressed-out work life, the tragic accidents, the betrayals within families, and unresolved conflict. All through these events, many did not have the hope of the gospel. However, those who have this hope are managing with more strength, resolve, patience and peace.

My Chaplaincy Calling

Many years later, at 58, I have known many unsure of what happens after their life here on earth. My 94-year-old neighbors are two of them. I feel a heavy calling on my heart to bring the news of the gospel to those who have not received this message of hope. My husband lost his parents eight years ago, just 12 days apart. Although this was a difficult time for us, we knew the gospel message, but others in the family could not find peace.

Study at CLI

With so much chaos and turmoil in our world today, I want to be better equipped to engage in important conversations during the confusion, strife, trauma, sickness, and despair. The chaplaincy program at the Christian Leaders Institute presents this opportunity. I am so thankful to have found CLI and the chaplaincy program there.

The honor of meeting so many people in my life who know Jesus has been such a blessing. It is also a source of encouragement to me. So now it’s time to be attentive to my heart. I want to give back in the richest way to bring this clear message to others.

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