Chaplain Ministry

Chaplain Ministry

I am Steve Russell from the United States living in Florida and I have a call to chaplain ministry. I found Jesus as I was volunteering at a Vacation Bible School (VBS), that led me to be baptized in the Gulf of Mexico.

My ministry dream is to be a chaplain in an ALF, nursing home, or the like. A place where I can share the Word and comfort people and where some will have a chance to find Jesus and be saved before passing on. Now I am here at Christian Leaders Institute to learn more about the sharing of God’s Word with more people in chaplain ministry. The Connections class at CLI has given me many tools already on strengthening my relationship with God, studying His Word, and sharing His Word.

While I was in VBS that year, I was freaking out about having to lead all these kids hollering around me, arguing and so on. I told my wife that my first year helping could be my last. On the last night, a note was left on my clipboard by one of the kids that stated how much he liked VBS and he thanked me and told me that he loves me. Jesus used this boy to reach in and touch me! I have worked with VBS three more times since then.

During a small group outing, we went to a nursing home and gave out cards and candy to the residents and talked and prayed with them. It was during this visit that I found my calling. Now I am working on getting approved to do this on a regular basis.

My church is going through a pastor change right now, so I am not certain about mentoring with the new pastor. But there are other pastors in the area that I have been using for a sounding board and mentoring.

CLI is aiding me in my ministry training for my chaplain ministry as well as for church training. Prayers for a clear mind and focus on completing the courses are needed for this ministry training.

Learn more about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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