I am Olof de Kock. I’m from Hermanus in South Africa.

Although I grew up in a Christian home, I never knew the Lord. I went to church, but the Bible was just letters written on paper with no meaning what so ever to me. Friends of mine started to pray for me (I didn’t know until later). They invited me to a coffee bar one afternoon. While praying, the Lord did a mighty work in me. One moment, I was a sinner lost and without hope, and the next, a changed person made new by the Blood of Christ. The Bible became alive for me. It was no longer letters but the living Word of God speaking to my heart. What a joyous day!

I always had a longing in my heart to go into full-time ministry. Many times after reading the Bible and meditating on the Word, I would prepare a sermon in my mind on the passage I had read. The Lord started to work in my heart to go to full-time service. He confirmed through His Word my calling for full-time ministry. Serving Him made me search the internet for different ways I can serve Him. Something that did come up was work overseas with MAF. They need certain expertise that I can give them. One of the requirements though is training in ministry. This condition brought a new search, looking for something that teaches the truth based on the Bible. I found CLI.

With CLI, I can get the firm foundation to build on to enable me to go to the mission field with confidence. Not just that, but also to be able to minister as a Pastor/Evangelist in my own community.

I have spoken to my pastor about my calling. When the Mission Committee heard about my calling, they invited me to serve on the committee. This, I consider, as a way to help me prepare myself for what lies ahead. It also gives me a structure to work from, and the prayer support that will be needed when going into the mission field.

Thus, while I’m waiting on the Lord to open the right door, I am equipping myself for the task ahead. Thank you for CLI, that I am able to study through your courses, and that I know I will have the right equipment and tools to be able to do what needs to be done in my ministry.

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