called to minister to children and youth

I am Ryan Wilson. Trista, my wife of thirteen years, and I live in Tennessee. I work in the manufacturing sector. Trista and I have six children, and she is pregnant with our 7th child, due in June. My hobbies include gardening and cooking. A born-again Christian for 12 years, I currently work in the children and youth programs at my local church. Furthermore, called to minister to children and youth, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute.

I grew up in the Catholic faith and attended a Catholic elementary school. I then went on to a secular high school. During high school, I continued to study at Sunday school. However, after high school, I discontinued going to church. I finished high school and stopped my pursuit of faith. Ten years later, when my daughter was born, I began asking myself questions about reality. So, I started to investigate other religions. Ultimately, I was led back to God.

My Salvation in Christ

Then, one night, during a very uncertain time in my life, I started to pray the rosary. It was the only thing I knew to do from my Catholic upbringing. Halfway through praying the rosary, I put it down. Fully aware of my own wickedness and sin and my deep desire for Christ as my Savior, the Holy Spirit convicted me. I broke into tears, and my prayers changed to a repeat of the words, “I need You.” I continued to cry out to Jesus in complete submission to Him while I repeated those words.

After what seemed like an hour of crying, which was probably only about ten minutes, I felt complete peace roll over my entire being. I no longer had the burden of my sin. The crying continued. However, the words changed from “I need You” to “Thank You, I love You.” That was a Friday night. I went to the church closest to my home the following Sunday morning. The Pastor immediately welcomed me and asked me to join a small group. The following Tuesday night, I attended my first small group Bible study. Ever since the night I was born again, my life has been different, and God is a major part of my life.

Called to Minister to Children and Youth

I am interested in learning more to equip myself as I am called to minister to children and youth. Further, I want to become more adept in my knowledge of the Bible. Having six kids, being middle-aged, and attending college and/or seminary is not an option. I look forward to studying at the Christian Leaders Institute. The tuition-free courses at CLI allow me to pursue my ministry calling and to support others for Christ. I aim to gain the knowledge to minister to the children and youth in my local church and to shepherd them into adulthood with a strong foundation in their relationship with Christ.

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