Bring Others to Know Jesus

Bring Others to Know Jesus

Hello, my name is Casey Dubbs, and I am a mother of 3 children. In 2014, My husband and I decided that God was calling us to bring others to know Jesus in Salt Lake City, UT to help some friends plant a church. We have always been very involved in church and ministry. My husband is a worship leader, and I would teach youth and participate in outreach and evangelism opportunities.

I was not raised Christian, and was the first active Christian in my family. When others started to see God moving in my life and the change in my heart, the remainder of my family became saved.

Several years ago, God broke my heart for his “lost children.” I became very burdened to commit the rest of my life to the ministry of reconciliation and had determined that there was no purpose greater in life that to bring others to know Jesus as their savior.

Our family has committed our lives to the cause of Christ and daily work towards bringing freedom, grace and love to the lost and hurting.

Salt Lake City is known for having a high population of Latter Day Saint members and the opportunity to plant a church here was exciting. It felt like America’s last mission field. While I can not make a general statement about members of the LDS church being saved or not, I can, however, say that the majority of them struggle in accepting grace and knowing confidently they are in right-standing with God. Some really do have relationships with Jesus as their savior, but many have not even heard the true gospel.

In addition to a high per capita of LDS members, Utah is also the home to may cults and extremists. There are thousands of people here who are trapped in Warren Jeffs Polygamous cult, the Fundamentalists of Latter Day Saints. This cult religion has become more extreme since Jeffs was imprisoned several years ago during the Yearning for Zion Ranch raid in Texas. My heart truly breaks for these people who are so misled and deceived following a man hoping that it is the way to God. They are with their whole heart searching to be in communion with God and to jump through hoops and rules that are completely man-made and yet are still so far from finding the comfort of the Father.

There are local ministries who are working with people who have managed to escape the FLDS cults, but I can’t help but think there is more to be done. One of my motivations for getting a scholarship at CLI was so that I could have some credentials to work alongside law enforcement and local government who comes in contact with ex-FLDS members and help educate about their spiritual conflicts and set up a system in place to de-junk their mind from years of false religion. I am currently mentoring a young minor who has fled and been excommunicated by her family left alone in a whole new world to sort out truth from fiction.

My ministry dream is to continue to be a valuable leader within our local church and to help my immediate church congregation grow in the things of God. When my young children are older, I would like to do frequent international mission trips to help spread the Gospel and God’s love into spiritually poor places in the earth. As far as what calling I identify with the most, I am torn between a Church Leader and Evangelist.

I would also like to write a book about the things I have learned about God and the kingdom through my children and their child-like faith. I purpose to humble myself to be taught even through my children.

What I would like most is prayers for our church and all the churches in Utah to be a positive representation of the love of Christ in our interesting spiritual climate. There is a lot of resentment, arguing, debating and ostracizing that seems to happen on both sides preventing a real move towards reconciliation and truth. My prayer is for the LDS church to have a revelation on the truth of the Bible and the sacrifice of Jesus and to accept Him as their Savior and to turn from false religion and false prophets. I pray for a united Christian alliance who can create a strong, healthy safety net to properly transition ex-LDS members form their religion into a healthy relationship with Jesus and to learn how to forgive and be free from resentment and bitterness.

For my personal ministry and family, I ask for prayers that we continue to grow stronger together and that each day our focus and purpose is furthering the cause of Christ. That we are heaven minded with a single eye on bringing Heaven to earth. I pray that we continue to have open doors around us to preach the gospel and live in the fullness of joy that can only come when Christ and His purpose is the center.

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