Bible Training Education

Bible Training Education: From Darkness to Light

My name is Rennay Moore, and I am blessed to be receiving free Bible training education at CLI. I currently live in China. I was raised in a Christian family and heard the message of salvation over and over. But I didn’t make that pivotal change until age sixteen. Before that, when asked if I wanted to accept Christ, I would say I’m not ready. Or, I would fold my arms across my chest and wonder when the preacher would be quiet on the subject.

It was not until one night during a worship session at church that I ran out of the church under heavy conviction. Immediately, I ran to my home which was not far from the church. On my knees that night, I cried out, “I surrender, I surrender! I will do what you want me to do.” I accepted Jesus and had my baptism in August of 2001.

Before my conversion, I struggled with depressive and suicidal thoughts. But since coming to Jesus Christ, He has led me to cast my cares on Him. It has been seventeen years and counting. I survived a nervous breakdown, sickness, and vicious warfare.

This free Bible training education opportunity at Christian Leaders Institue is a real blessing to me. God has appointed me for such a time as this, and I’m glad He chose me and called me.  Through this Bible training education at CLI, I will be able to grow in the knowledge of the Bible. I also hope to develop as a leader in the Church as I serve Christ wherever He leads me. My best years are ahead of me. I will preach the gospel and help impact lives wherever I go.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination and deacon minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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