Bachelor's Degree Program

Hi, I’m Tony, and I am 53. Further, I am studying for the Bachelor’s degree program at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI).

Happily married, my wife and I have a 23-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old granddaughter. Saved in 1992 in Killeen, Texas, close to Ft. Hood, I found my faith in a modest home-based service led by a Pentecostal pastor. Over the years, I’ve predominantly identified with the Baptist denomination.

My Journey

My pursuit of biblical knowledge was at once insatiable. I audited many free courses offered by seminaries. I was involved in church life, active in roles like Sunday School Director and Youth Pastor, and as a part of the Pastoral Leadership Team in my mid-30s. However, it’s been a journey marked by spiritual ebbing and flowing periods, a cycle of distancing and returning to my faith.

Throughout my spiritual exploration, I’ve traversed various doctrinal landscapes, from Dispensationalism to Covenant Theology and Arminianism to Calvinism. Looking back, I now realize that these theological intricacies, while important, are secondary to the essence of Salvation. My love for the study of theology overshadowed its true message. Now, at this point in my life, I feel profoundly grateful for the opportunity to refocus and realign my spiritual priorities.

Future Plans: Bachelor’s Degree Program at CLI

Just starting back on my journey, I feel compelled to write of my future versus the present. My wife and I are in the process of finding a home church. Once there, I intend to volunteer while studying at the Christian Leaders Institute. We also donate to various charities.

Once the bachelor’s degree program level is close at hand, I intend to start looking at various partner schools with CLI, such as Kairos University, for credit transfers and to continue towards their Bachelor’s Degree. I will start looking to become a bi-vocational Associate Pastor at a local church and stay there until the Bachelor’s degree is complete. Then, I will pursue a full-time pastor’s position while working on an MA in Theology and finishing with a DTh.

This is my 10-year plan, and after that, we shall see. It is in God’s hands, though, and I will follow His lead in this journey. If the Lord leads me in another direction of service, I am willing to follow it, though.

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