Occupy Heaven: New York City on April 8th from 11:30 am-3pm 
Elevating Ministers in the Tri-State Area

In a world captivated by technology, with visionaries like Elon Musk propelling us towards interplanetary frontiers, our aspirations soar towards the heavens. This global fervor finds a special resonance in the Tri-State area, particularly in the New York City Area, a hub of innovation and ambition. Against this backdrop, a spiritual endeavor takes shape. The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) sees countless students, graduates, and ordained ministers across the Tri-State, embarking on a mission to usher in a heavenly presence.

This year, CLI/CLA champions the theme “Occupy Heaven – Engage the Skyline.” This theme encourages us to spread the culture of heaven now and forever.  It calls upon them to embrace their true calling: spreading the Gospel message and offering the gift of salvation and heavenly citizenship.

Theme Verse: Drawing from Philippians 3:20, we are reminded of our ultimate citizenship in Heaven as we eagerly anticipate the return of Jesus Christ.

Location: The Light House building near the City of Orange, New Jersey on April 8th. Click here for directions to the location.

CLI President, Henry Reyenga, will preside over this important gathering! This conference promises to be transformative, featuring vision-casting, prayer sessions, graduations, ordination ceremonies, and open discussions!

Educational Opportunities in Christian Leadership

CLI remains steadfast in its commitment to providing free Christian ministry education. With a tailored focus on the unique challenges and dynamics of the Tri-State area, these programs will empower students to lead effectively in their communities, whether amidst the hustle of the Manhattan area.

Empowering Tri-State Christian Leaders through Ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance is one of the highlights of every conference.

A Divine Mission in the Tri-State Areas

In an age fixated on the cosmos, CLI invites you to embark on a journey that explores the heavens while spiritually enriching the earthly realm. Our mission is to amplify faith and Christian leadership, leaving an indelible mark on New York and beyond, both in the present and for eternity.

Conference Details – April 8th near the City of Orange, New Jersey, at Light House Building

Attendance at the conferences is complimentary, though participants are responsible for their travel and meal expenses. As a token of participation, attendees will receive an “Occupy Heaven” shirt coupon. We kindly request all registrants to sign up for a WhatsApp account to facilitate communication for both the conference and our movement in the New York Area.

Here is the Tri-State WhatsApp link: Tri-State WhatsApp Link.

Once you are in the WhatsApp group, you will receive a link to register for the event.

This WhatsApp link will provide you with up-to-the-moment updates. President Henry Reyenga will be a member of this community and will contribute to the Tri-State conversations. It is easy to get a WhatsApp account, and it is needed to stay in the loop.

If you do not want a WhatsApp account, even in a temporary way, and wish to attend, please email rsullivan@christianleaders.net, and she will add you to the list. You will not be alerted to updates however.

Note: These Occupy Heave Conferences have been happening around the world. In 2024, President Reyenga has met students in California, Australia, New Zealand, Texas and now in the Tri-State area.

*The banner picture is taken from a Occupy Heaven Conference held in February in Dallas, Texas