Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree

Hello, my name is Caersha Lewis and I am working on my Bachelor Degree at Christian Leaders Institute. I’m 32 years old and from Texas. I’m surrounded by many Christian Leaders. I’m sure like many other places lots of folk go along their day ministering to others. Being cordial is the Texas way I’d like to believe. Surprisingly the many different cultures and religions here don’t bring a lot of division among us Texans.

As a little girl, I enjoyed Sunday school just as much as regular school. My mother and other family members took me to church often. I grew up in a poor neighborhood. I was active in the community school and the church activities. Overall, I was a happy little girl. I’ve always known that we serve an awesome God.

My spiritual dream would be to assist and organize a small church. A church that will truly do what God intends. A simple expectation to just let His will be done. I want our ministries to touch as many as possible. I faithfully wait while God prepares me for my job.

As I continue to deepen my relationship with God I must pray for wisdom and strength to fight obstacles that try to stand in the way of my journey. I know the devil is always busy. I also know that the Lord we serve is The Highest of the High, Ruler amongst all Rulers, the King of all Kings, who gave His son for me and is always with me.

I plan to earn a bachelor degree here at CLI and while I learn I will continue to minister daily. I will let the Lord lead me to exactly what I should do when I should do it, how I should do it, and where I should do it. May the Lord’s will be done in and through my life.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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