Administration leadership training

So, It Begins

Hello! My name is Matthew Brown. The tuition-free administration leadership training at the Christian Leaders Institute is equipping me for further kingdom service.

I live in Sharon Springs, KS, a town with a population of 750 in Northwest Kansas. I have lived in the Northwest Kansas area for most of my life. My wife, Lexie, and I met in Sharon Springs as well. I married the pastor’s daughter, and we now have three exceptional children together.

My Education

In public education for eleven years, I spent nine of those years teaching and coaching middle school science, math, and history. Further, it is the beginning of my second year as a Middle/High School Principal. I received my undergraduate in Elementary Education and my graduate degree in Instructional Technology from Fort Hays State University. I also completed my school administration endorsement after completing my graduate program.

A Little Background

I live in a conservative community where embracing faith in Jesus Christ is the norm. I led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and was a youth pastor at my local church. However, I didn’t grow up going to church consistently. I did not attend often in my youth at all. I always knew of Jesus and his sacrifice but never about accepting it. It wasn’t until college that I truly embraced it.

I lived the stereotypical college student lifestyle. Although I lived a college lifestyle, I attended a local Baptist Church thanks to the encouragement of a college professor who invited me. I participated in this church consistently and went to Wednesday night Bible studies. The weight of my college lifestyle weighed on me each week that I attended. I even had dreams about the rapture. Within these dreams, I was vaulted from Earth towards the heavens and felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and peace.

Finally, one day, at the end of one of the services, the pastor asked anyone who wanted to be saved to come up. The weight of my sin on my shoulders was unbearable. God was calling me to make a change. Then, I acknowledged my sinful ways and embraced Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was 22 when I was saved and baptized.

Administration Leadership Training at CLI

My dream is to become an administrator at a Christian School. The administration leadership training from the Christian Leaders Institute program of study will help me learn how to disciple more effectively in that setting. Being able to lead staff members and students the way God intended me to is what I desire. The tricky part of doing that where I am now is finding ways to do that without getting the school in trouble. Sometimes, it is easier to hide behind the law of the state than behind the law of God. That’s not right and is something I want to change. My responsibility is to love and help people, not embrace sinful lifestyles.

Free administration leadership training is essential because I already have student loan debt from my previous education. I can learn how to lead with a Godly presence without the financial stress of finding ways to pay for these courses. I am beyond grateful for this institution and the work they do to provide training to all who seek it.

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