A Trained and Ordained Minister

Becoming a Trained and Ordained Minister

My name is Paul Venter, and I am studying at CLI for becoming a trained and ordained minister. I live in the town of Middelburg in the central highveld of South Africa. About six years ago, at a men’s retreat just before going to sleep, I heard a call for me to study theology. The next day during one of the lectures, I received a prophecy about leading people in ministry. I received basically the same prophecy a few years earlier but had all but forgotten about it.

At that stage, I was sure that I was not called to ministry, or that was my feeling at least. However, I felt an urgency to start studying. My studies began in 2013, and I received my Bachelor of Theology in 2019, and am at present working on my Masters.

Growth in My Walk with God

Up to the time I started my studies, my walk with God was more or less confined to Sunday church service. However, that began to change as I started getting more involved at church and in worship ministry. I was involved in worship ministry for several years before that but had no real relationship with God other than on Sundays.

My studies opened up the Word of God to me. I could sense a change in who I was, or rather, was becoming. For some time now, I worked in counseling. It strengthened the call to do more for the Lord. I have sensed a call to minister to the local motorbiking community. This community is a significant ministry field where I can connect with other bikers being a motorcycle enthusiast myself.

Discovering CLI for Becoming a Trained and Ordained Minister

I stumbled upon the Christian Leaders Institute while searching for information about ordination. I believe that one should be ordained and sent out to do God’s work in ministry. Accountability with a credible institution like CLI is key. Seeking ordination at our church proved to be a very long and cumbersome process for me. So getting ordained with the training from CLI and ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance will be a blessing for my ministry.

My prayer is that my journey with CLI will provide me with the necessary knowledge and skills to minister as effectively as possible in reaching the lost for the Lord.

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