I am Jennifer Michelle Jones. I am from the United States, and ministry is not necessarily hard to do here. The hard part is reaching people through the ministry. Here we have the freedom to choose our religion, or not to choose any religion. With all of the technology in our society preaches against Christians, it is hard to keep the faith. This makes Christian ministering difficult. People today find it easier not to believe than to hold on to faith in God through Jesus Christ.

I came to know the Lord as a child. I remember being about 4 or five and my mom telling me that God could see me anywhere (even under my bed). I was terrified, but curious as to know HOW that was possible and if it was true, WHY would God do that?

My ministry dream is not to change the world. That seems impractical. I do want to tell my story though to people in their hardships so they will know that amazing things can be accomplished through Christ. I may not change the world, but if I can reach just one person (who can, in turn, reach another person, etc.), my purpose is fulfilled.

The word that I think identifies me the most (and a nickname I earned over the decades) is Sincere (sincere). Whether I am speaking, writing, illustrating, listening, or observing, I am sincere in my mannerism. If I am making miracles through prayer or telling a ‘St. Peter was in heaven’ joke; my sincerity never fades, and that is my blessing.

The key experience that brought me to ministry was a simple second chance to make my life right. I had to be at the bottom of the well to realize I had to look up to get out of it. Now that I am out, I need to show others how to do the same.
The challenges in my area are that everyone is a preacher, and people think preachers want your money. People also live in fear and blame the negativity in our world on God. Citizen’s opinions are so outspoken that ministers cannot get the truth in edgewise.

I am still looking for my church in this town. I have been here three years now, and I don’t feel God calling from any of His houses here. People go to church here because it is socially acceptable, and walk away with empty pockets and empty stomachs (the Word ministers serve here is not feeding His people). I think this is why I am here, to change this view.
I am supported by my role in ministry by my father, who is also a minister. His faith strengthens my own. Speaking to him about any topic concerning religion has always been my favorite form of church. He is my mentor, my strength, and my rock.

CLI is very important to me because I was raised to know that money is the root of evil. CLI is no cost, so I trust that it is meant to lead ministers in the direction of God and not the direction of financial convenience for the institution. I hope to pass all I learn for free on, for free, and break the cycle of financial restrictions holding people back from their true walk with God.

Thank you for your prayers.

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