Youth Pastor Vision

Youth Pastor Vision

My name is Daniel Mutunga Ndanga. I live in Kenya and have a youth pastor vision and call on my life. Doing ministry in this part of Africa is not easy in some areas like Muslim dominated areas. Also in other areas where residents are herders because they migrate any time in search of pastures. I was brought up in a religious family since childhood but peer pleasure swayed me away from God. It was in 1997 when I got saved through a radio program led by Pastor Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Centre.

I aspire to take the gospel of Christ to all whenever God gives me an opportunity. This class at Christian Leaders Institute has helped me to dig deep into the Word of God and has widened my knowledge of sound doctrine. I would like to be a pastor to help people grow in the Word of God. Where I live, people identify me as a pastor because it is perceived that if you are seen preaching you are a pastor even if it’s not your profession.

It has been my desire to pursue ministry so as to be equipped with the knowledge of the gospel. My youth pastor vision is to reach the young generation which is perishing in this secular world. A challenge we face in this part of my country is the great drought times due to low rains and a high cost of living.

This training has given me a greater desire to study the Bible and to have group fellowships and personal devotions. My pastor is very encouraging and has given me a chance to nurture the lives of the youth as a Sunday school teacher in our church. A CLI scholarship will help me achieve my goal as a youth pastor fully equipped and prepared to take the mantle. Please pray for me to stand firm and defend the Word of God no matter the challenges I face.

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